A fully integrated analytics suite to assist with:

Price Discovery

Make trading decisions, strategy test & optimize, analyze historical data, perform exposure calculations and monitor positions

Parsing Engine

Leverage data that is scanned, validated, scrubbed and cleaned in real-time by our artificial intelligence-based parsing system, which is monitored by a dedicated team of experienced data analysts

Deal Capture & Life Cycle

Book, manage and hedge derivative types; manage life cycle events including expirations, fixings and payments

Risk Management & Analysis

View a range of different result fields and Greeks (B&S, analytical and numerical), Risk Ladders & Matrices, Bucketed Views “What If” scenarios & Time Horizon


The leading front office system for all participants in the derivatives markets.

This real-time platform covers all cash and derivatives products in all currencies, interest rates, equities, credit, energy and commodities, and is supported by our award-winning, live derivative market data service.

A powerful, real-time risk management system for foreign exchange.

The system offers rich analytics, including our benchmark model for FX options pricing, award-winning real-time market data, and advanced risk and operational tools.

A parsing tool that provides a clear and structured view of your OTC credit prices.

This tool structures, in real-time, the vast amount of market prices you receive from your trading partners, giving you a clear, accurate view of your live indicative quotes for:

  • CDS, LCDS Indices, Tranches, Switches
  • Bonds, Convertible Bonds
  • Credit Index Options
  • Syndicated Loans

A cross-asset risk management system.

Featuring rich analytics, including our benchmark model for options pricing, award-winning real-time derivatives market data in all asset classes, and advanced risk and operational tools.

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