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This is a quarterly update exclusively for our partners, delivering the latest news and insights. Thank you for your continued collaboration.

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New Products & Enhancements


Until recently, investors had relied on ESG ratings produced by third party providers as the main input for ESG decision making. Now, investors want to go further and look behind the ratings to the underlying company data to make their own assessments.

Demand for timely, quality, and granular company level ESG reference data driven by the anticipated growth of ESG-related investment activity and certain regulatory requirements, led us to create. ICE ESG Reference Data aims to provide granular and normalized data, making it easily digestible and actionable for front, middle and back office systems so that clients can access what they need, when they need it, by their solution of choice.

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Real-time feeds

Offer your customers an expanded choice of German exchange content. We’ve recently added Deutsche Börse’s Ultra+ feeds for both Xetra and Eurex to the ICE Consolidated Feed. Access to this low-latency feed, allows for the delivery of every update directly as it’s received.

The Ultra+ feeds complement our existing coverage, including access to regional exchanges, Stuttgart SE, MTFs and MiFID II transparency data.

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Solution Spotlight

Alternative Reference Rates

Have your customers been asking about solutions to help manage the shift to alternative reference rates? Our real-time derivatives data, valuations and analytics, futures contracts on all major alternative rates and ICE Benchmark Administration’s preliminary Term Rates for SONIA can help them manage the shift.

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Get to Know the ICE Team

Aram Flores, Head of Analytics, ICE Fixed Income & Data Services

What is your role at ICE and how long have you been with the company?
I joined ICE just over two years now and am responsible for the ICE’s data analytics solutions, which include BondEdge, the Analytics API and our new ICE Portfolio Analytics - Bonds platform.

Where do you see the most opportunity for our partnership business growth in 2021?
Our new Analytics API (and ICE Data API) offers our partners seamless and efficient access our data and analytics solutions.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?
In my ‘youth’, I was a multiple-time World Champion at Ultimate Frisbee. I also captained the Great Britain national team.


On-demand: Financial pipelines at scale

The need for high-quality data and analytics and efficient approaches to onboard datasets for meaningful signal extraction has become central in today’s markets.

We recently discussed with SIGTech and Amazon Web Services (AWS) how quantitative groups can access data and analytics while processing that data to produce signals using cloud-hosted infrastructure.

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Coming soon: We’ll be hosting new Virtual Vendor eForums in Q2. Stay tuned for more information.

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