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A Consensus-Based Price Assessment

The MPV data solution is a consensus-based price validation service that provides benchmarking and validation of non-observable markets for forward OTC swaps, options and exotic products. More than 40 of the world's leading banks, trading houses, energy companies and investment funds use MPV as an independent audit of their trading book valuations. The service is offered twice a month to participants for mid-month and end-month valuations.

MPV Fact Assessment

The MPV service offers extensive market coverage across the energy and commodity markets. New contracts are frequently added by customer request. Participants are required to submit their own valuations in order to participate in the MPV data service.


  • 190 Crude and refined oil products
  • 85 Natural Gas pipeline points and hub locations
  • 75 Power contracts
  • 20 Base, Precious and Steel OTC contracts
  • 35 Coal, Freight, Tanker and Emissions contracts
  • 4 Currency markets
  • 19 Agriculture products
  • 20 Indices
  • 18 Inter-Commodity Spread Options


  • Futures
  • Swaps
  • Swaptions
  • Vanilla Options
  • Exotic Options

How MPV Works

The Technology

Participating companies submit their valuations to the ICE Data team via a secure website to our central server on the first working day of each month. Upon submission, various statistical and financial analyses are performed automatically using (a) secure technology and (b) manual programs used by our team of data analysts. On the day of submission, we provide feedback through "heat maps," charts and/or by reaching out to you directly if there are potential problems with the data submitted. Throughout this process, we use the latest Java and Oracle technology to provide the highest quality data in the finished product.

The Finished Product

Once the analysis is completed, consensus returns are provided for customers to download from the website. The final reports contain detailed auxiliary information to help participants realize where they have potential problems and how they compare to other participants. You're able to download those reports in Excel or XML format, depending on your data needs. We use a standard-based interface for XML over a HTTPS transport.

MPV Highlights


We publish results as soon as possible after submissions. The consensus for some markets is published on same day of submission, and remaining markets are published the day after.

Risk Management

We offer independent, external validation of internally derived market values. This can be crucial for risk management purposes to help identify positions with high value at risk.

Compliance with Account Standards

The MPV service provides recognition of profit and loss in accordance with FASB EITF 02-03.


Participant data is received, audited, averaged and returned in a secure, encrypted web-based environment to ensure complete confidentiality.

Dispute Resolutions

We ensure resolution of external disputes arising from disparate valuations of opaque or unobservable contract prices.

Quality Support

Our data team is available to answer your questions and provide you with system support and documentation whenever you need it.


MPV results are provided solely to MPV participants, and participants are limited to receiving consensus data only for contracts and contract tenors to which they have submitted data. In a given month, if there is not a quorum of at least four companies submitting values for a given contract or contract tenor, then no values are returned for those respective contracts or tenors. Outliers or erroneous submissions are rejected.

Market Expertise

Our experienced team of energy professionals are based in New York, Houston, London, Calgary and Singapore, and work in conjunction with the parent company, Intercontinental Exchange, to ensure high quality valuations are securely returned to participant companies.