With FutureSource you can have access to a wide range of high-value content from brokers, price reporting agencies and other organizations. These include:

  • Amerex
  • Enerdata
  • Energy Information Administration (EIA)
  • EOX

GFI Market Data

GFI is an independent intermediary with more than 25 years’ experience providing highly specialized, in-depth Power and Energy OTC market data to leading energy procurement companies, major energy corporates and companies. GFI is the number 1 broker in a large number of European power markets, EU Coal (API2 and 4) and gas hubs providing more depth and breadth in these markets than anywhere else. Coverage also includes Freight with GFI being one of the only brokers providing Wet freight in addition to Dry.

GFI Content Available through FutureSource

  • European Power
  • Eastern European Power
  • UK Power
  • European Gas
  • UK Gas
  • Freight - Wet & Dry


ICAP, a leading markets operator and provider of post trade risk mitigation and information services, is an innovative leader in the energy, commodities, and shipping industries, providing full-service, over the counter broking and advisory capabilities to a broad spectrum of businesses throughout the world, making it a very desirable Third Party contributor to FutureSource.

ICAP Energy was named, “Overall Energy Broker of the Year” for the 8th successive year by Energy RISK 2013 Commodity Rankings, in a poll of over 1,500 market participants. The group was awarded 25 first-place positions, including four first-place positions within the six ‘Overall’ categories. Overall Institution – Brokers, Overall Broker (excluding metals), Overall Oil and Overall Natural Gas.

ICAP’s high-quality benchmark pricing information can be tailored to the specific requirements of your organization via FutureSource. As the leading provider of OTC market information, ICAP Information Services (IIS) is at the forefront of delivering independent data solutions to financial market participants.

Energy Market



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Power Options
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Natural Gas
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Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)

OPIS is the leading provider of downstream price discovery data in the United States. OPIS covers every business class of the U.S. energy trade from the refinery to the retail gasoline station. Virtually every gallon of gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, biodiesel, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas that transacts in the U.S. at some point transacts off an OPIS price. OPIS is considered the “benchmark” price for Rack, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Refinery Feedstocks and West Coast refined products bulk transactions.



Price Assessments

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Kerosene
  • Ethanol
  • Jet Fuel

Market Coverage

  • NY Harbor Barge & Cargo
  • Gulf Coast & Gulf Coast Waterborne
  • Group III
  • Chicago

OPIS East of Rockies Spot Prices are updated once per day at approximately 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time.


Price Assessments

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Kerosene
  • Ethanol
  • Jet Fuel

Market Coverage

  • California including Los Angeles & San Francisco
  • The Pacific North West

OPIS West of Rockies Spot Prices are updated once per day at approximately 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time.


OPIS Is Considered The “Benchmark” Price For Every U.S. LPG Transaction In:

  • Propane
  • Normal Butane
  • Isobutane
  • Natural Gasoline

Market Coverage

  • Mont Belvieu
  • Conway
  • Bushton
  • Hattiesburg

  • Napoleonville
  • Geismer/Sorrento
  • U.S. West Coast
  • Canada


OPIS Rins Are Used By Refineries As The Currency Of Renewable Fuel Standards (Rfs) Compliance. OPIS Covers Four Rins Markets Including:

  • Ethanol RINS (D6)
  • Cellulosic RINS (D3)
  • Advanced Bio RINS (D5)
  • Biodiesel RINS (D4)

RINS pricing is reported for the current year, the prior year and the next year.


OPIS Is Considered The “Benchmark” Price For Refinery Feedstocks To Produce Gasoline And Diesel Fuel Including:

  • Vacuum Gasoil (VGO)
  • U.S. Naphtha
  • Light Cycle Oil
  • Straight Run
  • Residual Fuel

Market Coverage

  • U.S. West Coast
  • U.S. Gulf Coast


  • OPIS Rack pricing covers approximately 400 U.S. wholesale terminal delivery points for gasoline and diesel products 
  • An OPIS Rack transaction is equal to approximately 8,000 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel and there are many varieties of each depending on the season as well as EPA Renewable Fuel Standards 
  • OPIS Rack prices are available in FutureSource as either “Gross” or “Net” by suppliers such as Chevron, BP, ExxonMobil or Valero 
  • OPIS Rack prices are available as either an “AM” price or “PM” price
  • The “AM” price (Contract) is updated daily at 10am Eastern Standard Time 
  • The “PM” price (Closing) is updated daily at 5:59pm Eastern Standard Time

S&P Global Platts

Platts benchmark price assessments are widely recognized as the industry standard, each characterized by the vast array of accumulated knowledge captured within. Clearly defined and transparent methodologies are the backbone of Platts’ price assessment processes with detailed descriptions and explanations of how Platts assess the market value of commodities so that customers and other interested parties understand those processes.

You can see the Platts Market-on-Close window in FutureSource to get a clear view of all bids, offers and transaction data communicated to S&P Global Platts editors during the MOC price assessment process.


  • Platts Global Alert
  • Platts Petrochemical Alert
  • Platts Forward Curve - Oil
  • Platts European Power Alert
  • Platts Electricity Alert
  • Platts Natural Gas Alert
  • Platts Marine Alert
  • Platts Metals Alert
  • Platts Agriculture Alert
  • Platts Biofuels Alert
  • Platts-ICE Forward Curve – Natural Gas & Electricity
  • Platts Global Coal Alert

Tullett Prebon

Tullett Prebon Information was awarded best data provider (Broker) at Inside Market Data Awards for the fifth year running in 2015, a leading provider of independent real-time price information from the global OTC financial and commodity markets. It delivers the highest-quality independent price data using state of the art technologies and data publication standards covering major financial markets including Energy and Commodities.

Tullett Prebon is an established leader amongst inter dealer brokers within the OTC Energy Markets; Trading Houses, Hedge Funds, Wholesale producers, Utilities and Investment Banks.

Tullett Prebon operates in 24 countries, with over 1600 brokers globally, offering comprehensive global market data coverage for Oil, Renewables, Power, Natural Gas, Coal and Emissions.

Tullett Prebon Content Available Through FutureSource

  • Emissions - EUA’s, CER’s & U.S. CCA’s
  • European Power - Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the UK
  • North American Power - East Coast, Mid-Continent & West Coast Mid- Continent & West Coast
  • European Natural Gas - NBP, TTF, Zee, NCG, Gaspool, Peg-Nord, VTP
  • North American Natural Gas - East Coast, Mid-Continent & West Coast
  • Coal - API2, API4, Implied Freight, Newcastle (gC)
  • Biofuels - Certified Biodiesel FAME, RME, PME and SME including outrights/Differentials to Gas Oil Swaps

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