North & South America

U.S. Exchanges

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
- NYSE Open Book
NYSE - Listed Corporate Bonds
NYSE MKT LLC (formerly AMEX)
- ARCA Listed (ARCX)
- BATS Listed
ECN Books
Mutual Funds and Money Market Funds
NASDAQ Stock Market
- NASDAQ Basic
- Level I
- Level II
- TotalView (includes Level II, Single Book, Island)
- Bulletin Boards, ADRs, Foreign Securities and
other OTC
OTC Markets (formerly Pink Sheets)
- Level I
- Level II
Regional Equities
- BATS Exchange
- Chicago Stock Exchange
- EDGE A & X Exchange
- NASDAQ OMX BX (formerly Boston)
- NYSE ARCA (ARCX – formerly Pacific)
- Third Market

U.S. Options OPRA
- Regional Options
- American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
- BATS ECN/Exchange
- Boston Options Exchange (BOX)
- Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)
- International Stock Exchange (ISE)
- ISE Gemini
- Pacific Exchange (PCX)
- Miami International Securities
North American Indices

Dow Jones Indices
Major U.S. Market Statistics
Market Data Indices (MDI CBOE)
MSCI EOD Indices
NASDAQ Indices
NYSE GIF Indices
OPRA Indices
Russell Indices
S&P Indices
S&P/TSE Canadian Indices

U.S. Futures

CBOE Futures (CFE)
Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
- CBOT Level I
- CBOT Market Depth
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
- CME Level I and Globex
- CME E-Minis
- CME Globex Market Depth
Commodity Exchange (COMEX)
- COMEX Market Depth
ICE Futures US (formerly NYBOT)
Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGE)
MGE/CBT Spreads
New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)
-NYMEX Market Depth
-eMiNY NYMEX Futures
NYMEX Emissions
OneChicago (Single Stock Futures)

Mexico and South America Exchanges Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and Indices
Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros (BMF)
Brazil SOMA
Caracas Stock Exchange and Indices
Colombia Stock Exchange
Jamaica Stock Exchange
Lima Stock Exchange and Indices
Mexico Stock Exchange and Indices
Santiago Stock Exchange and Indices
Sao Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) and Indices
Sao Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) Level II
Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange
Canadian Exchanges

Alpha ATS Level I
Alpha ATS Level II
Canadian Mutual Funds (Cannex)
Canadian Securities Exchange (formerly CNSX)
CanDeal Treasuries
Chi-X ATS Level II
ICE Canada Futures Exchange (formerly WCE)
ICE Canada Futures Level II
Montreal Derivatives & Options Exchange (MX)
Omega ATS Level II
Pure ATS Level I
Pure ATS Level II
TSX / ATS Combined Level I
TSX / ATS Combined Level II
TSX - Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
- TSX Depth @ Price
- TSX Depth Full Book
TSX - Venture Exchange
- TSX Venture Depth @ Price
- TSX Venture Depth Full Book

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Europe/Africa/Middle East Stocks and Indices

Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and Indices
Amman Stock Exchange
Athens Stock Exchange and Indices (ATH)
Athens/FTSE Indices (FTSA)
Bahrain Stock Exchange and Indices
BATS Chi-X Europe
Belgrade Stock Exchange and Indices
BOAT Exchange
Boerse Stuttgart
Botswana Stock Exchange
Bourse Regionale des Valeurs Mobilieres
Budapest Stock Exchanges and Indices
Bratislava Stock Exchange and Indices
Bucharest Stock Exchange and Indices
Bulgaria Stock Exchange and Indices
Casablanca Stock Exchange
Cyprus Stock Exchange and Indices
Deutsche Boerse: Spot Market Germany
(Frankfurt/Xetra) (Includes Berlin, Hamburg,
Hanover and Munich, plus Neuer Market)
Deutsche Boerse: Indices and ETFs
Deutsche Boerse: MiFID OTC Deutsche Boerse Volatility Indices
Doha Securities Exchange and Indices
Dubai Financial Market and Indices
Egyptian Stock Exchange
Euro TLX
FTSE/JSE Indices
FTSE Index Values
iBoxx EUR Consolidated Prices
iBoxx GBP Consolidated Prices
iBoxx Indices
Irish Stock Exchange Level I
Irish Stock Exchange and Indices
Istanbul Stock Exchange and Indices
Istanbul Bonds and Indices
Italian (Milan) Stock Exchange and Indices
Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)
Kuwait Stock Exchange
Ljubljana Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange:
Int’l Equity Market Service Level I
London Stock Exchange:
UK Equity Market Service Level I
London Stock Exchange:
UK Equity Market Service Level II
Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Indices
Macedonia Stock Exchange
Madrid Stock Exchange and Indices
Malta Stock Exchange
Mauritius Stock Exchange
Moscow Exchange
Moscow Exchange Board Market
MSCI EOD Indices
Nairobi Stock Exchange
Namibian Stock Exchange
NASDAQ Dubai Stock Exchange and Indices
NASDAQ OMX Nordic Equities and Indices
NASDAQ OMX Baltic Equities (Riga/Tillinn/Vilnius)
and Indices
Nigerian Stock Exchange
NYSE Euronext All Indices
NYSE Euronext Cash
NYSE Euronext Cash Options
NYSE Euronext Cash Level II
NYSE Euronext Societe Generale
Oslo Stock Exchange and Indices
Plus Markets London (formerly OFEX)
Prague Stock Exchange and Indices
Saudi Arabia (Tadawul) Stock Exchange
STOXX Indices
SWX Swiss Stock Exchange and Indices
(including Bern Stock Exchange)
SWX Swiss Scoach
SWX Swiss Non-Listed Investment Funds
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Indices
Tunis Stock Exchange
Ukrainian Stock Exchange
Warsaw Stock Exchange and Indices
Wiener Boerse: Vienna Stock Exchange
Wiener Boerse: Vienna SE Indices
Xetra European Stars
Xetra US Stars
Zagreb Stock Exchange and Indices

Europe/Africa/Middle East Futures Athens Derivative Exchange (ATHEX)
Baltic Exchange
CME Europe
Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME)
Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange (DGCX)
Euronext Commodities
Euronext Fixed Income
Euronext Equity and Index Derivatives
Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)
ICE Endex
Italian Futures and Derivatives (IDM)
London Metal Exchange (LME)
MEFF Equities Level I Plus
Moscow Bonds
Moscow Currencies
Moscow Futures
NASDAQ OMX Commodities
NASDAQ OMX Fixed Income
NASDAQ OMX Nordic Derivatives
South Africa Futures (SAFEX)
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (includes Tel Aviv Futures)
Warsaw Stock Exchange Futures
Warsaw New Connect

Asia Pacific

Asia/Pacific Stocks and Indices

Australia Stock Exchange and Indices (ASX)
Australia Stock Exchange Options
Bombay Stock Exchange and Indices
Bursa Malaysia Exchange and Indices
CES Indices
Chi-X Australia
Chi-X Japan
Colombo Stock Exchange
Dhaka Stock Exchange
FTSE/Bursa Malaysia Indices
FTSE/Singapore Indices
Hang Seng Indices
Hanoi Securities
Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange and Indices
Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKG)
Jakarta Stock Exchange and Indices
Karachi Stock Exchange
Korea Konex
Korea Stock Exchange and Indices (KOR)
KOSDAQ Exchange and Indices (KOQ)
Nagoya Stock Exchange and Indices
National Stock Exchange India (NSE)
NSE Wholesale Debt Market
New Zealand Stock Exchange and Indices (NZX)
Nikkei Indices
Nikkei Osaka Indices
Philippines Stock Exchange and Indices
SBI Japannext
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Shenzhen Stock Exchange
SGX Equities and Indices
Taiwan OTC (Gre Tai) Stock Exchange and Indices
Taiwan Stock Exchange and Indices
Thailand Stock Exchange and Indices (SET)
Tokyo Stock Exchange and Indices
Topix Indices

Asia/Pacific Futures Australia SE Futures
Bombay SE Futures
Bursa Malaysia Derivatives
Dalian Commodities
Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKF)
Korea KOSPI Futures
Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)
MCX-SX Currencies
National Commodities & Derivatives Exchange
NSE Futures
Osaka SE Futures
SGX Commodity Quote
SGX Derivatives
Shanghai Futures
Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE)
TAIFEX Futures
Thailand Futures
Tokyo Commodities Exchange (TOCOM)
Tokyo Financial Futures
Ukrainian Futures
Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange



FX spot and forward prices from 100+ contributors

Energy Markets

Energy Markets

Amerex Gas
Amerex Power
Canadian EnerData
Dow Jones Energy
EIA Statistics
EOX Group
European Energy Exchange (EEX)
GFI Energy
ICAP Energy
SNL Energy



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