Technology Built for Your Workflow

In 2000, we recognized the need for an electronic trading platform that could offer energy traders transparent access to their markets. So we built it. And, when we identified other desktops and tools needed by market participants, we kept building. As markets continued to evolve and the needs of a wide range of participants changed in response, we kept expanding our technology network to support those needs. Today, the result is a comprehensive, data-rich technology ecosystem that supports market participants around the world.

Whether you’re trading, advising clients, managing a portfolio or fulfilling the role of a risk manager, CFO or other type of market participant, we provide desktops and tools designed with your workflow in mind to connect you to the global marketplace. With workspaces created specifically for your role, you can access the data, analytic tools, order management capabilities and other features that help you implement core business and trading strategies in the most efficient manner possible.

Price Discovery & Execution

Through an integrated network of trading tools that was created to meet the needs of a wide range of market participants, our customers have access to collaboration tools, price discovery applications, global cross-asset data coverage in real-time or historical views, intuitive trading tools inside robust execution platforms, streaming news and a suite of leading risk management tools. Based on your firm’s unique needs, our tech experts will work with you to create the customized ecosystem of tools that’s right for your business.

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Repository & Confirmation Services

In today’s dynamic markets and regulatory environments, you need fast, flexible and accessible post-trade technology that supports integrated markets, informed decision-making and operational efficiency. Effective trade submission, collateral management and regulatory reporting are key components of post-trade activity, and our leading technology is designed to help you complete those tasks efficiently with tools for submitting off-exchange trades, legally-binding confirmations of OTC bilateral trades, CDS trade affirmation and clearing house communication that all connect to global trade repositories built to satisfy the legal requirements of your business’s jurisdiction.

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News & Alerts

Through partnerships with several strategically selected third parties, we're able to offer robust news coverage and alerts systems including daily videos and written reports on the global oil and natural gas markets, up-to-the-minute news for the U.S. natural gas liquids (NGLs) and petrochemical sector, status alerts of all planned and unplanned turnarounds in the global petroleum-refining sector, real-time atmospheric and weather updates, and global financial news. News sources include PVM Oil Associates Ltd., Live Squawk, MDA Weather Services, Genscape and IIR Energy.

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There’s a growing emphasis on personalized investment recommendations put into the context of the current market and a client's current situation. Our Market-Q platform is portfolio-driven, helping advisors manage their clients’ assets more effectively and make more informed investment decisions. And our coverage is designed to help your advisors get a broad view of data domestically and globally with market data across equities, fixed income, ETFs and mutual funds. Market-Q has also been widely deployed by brokerages for their self-directed active investors.



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