Portfolio-Driven Market Data, News and Analysis for Wealth Advisors

Built for investment and wealth management workflows, the Market-Q platform is designed to enable advisors to access client portfolio data alongside global real-time market data, news and tools to analyze securities and holdings. It can help your advisors work more efficiently, and make more informed and personalized investment decisions for their clients. Market-Q is a fully-hosted web and mobile solution, and the platform is available as a private-label offering.

Product Highlights

  • Equities, derivatives, FX, fixed income, ETF, mutual fund and key market rates data, such as U.S. treasuries, Canadian benchmarks, bills and bonds, Fed funds, deposits, government repos, spot rates
  • 125 equities and futures exchanges
  • News including from Dow Jones and MT Newswires
  • Tearsheet profiles for Canadian and U.S. ETFs and mutual funds
  • Watch list and detailed quote windows
  • Advanced charting with an extensive library of studies and drawing tools

Better serve clients with a portfolio-based view of the market

  • See portfolios in aggregate or grouped by various factors (for example, sector, industry, asset class)
  • Get a quick view of the portfolio’s valuation, its gain/loss since inception and for the day, plus any cash holdings
  • Drill down to get detailed data per security including holdings data and valuation, real-time market data, fundamental data, charting and news
  • Normalize currency for investments in global markets
  • Get alerted to news that impacts portfolios under management from providers including Dow Jones and MT Newswires

Support investments across multiple asset classes and global markets

Our comprehensive coverage is designed to help your advisors get a broad view of data domestically and globally with market data across equities, fixed income, ETFs and mutual funds.

Be ready to engage everywhere and at any time

Market-Q has been designed for access everywhere in browsers, phones and tablets. Your preferences are stored centrally to ensure you have access to client portfolio data, streaming news and market prices from anywhere and any device.

Better manage cost with a cloud-based solution

Market-Q is a cloud-based solution designed to enable you to reduce your dependency on legacy technology and better manage cost. Embedded into the advisor workflow, this platform is available as a private-label, offering you the ability to showcase your brand.

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