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Energy Transition

Energy Transition

A sharper focus on sustainability means institutions and finance professionals are looking beyond traditional analysis to assess risks and opportunities, and are factoring in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into their decision-making.

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ICE has been a leader in environmental markets for nearly two decades with the equivalent of more than 50% of the world’s total annual emissions footprint and nearly 95% of all globally traded environmental futures and options trading on ICE exchanges. The ICE Connect Sustainability Package brings together a range of trading tools with real-time data, pricing, messaging, news, fundamental data and analytics for market participants charting a path to Net Zero.

Product offerings

Mortgage Solutions

Global carbon data including;

  • CCA / RGGI / EUA / UKA futures and options
  • California Carbon Offset futures
  • ICE Global Carbon Index Futures
  • CCA / EUA / UKA primary auction data
  • Commitment of Traders Reports for CCA / RGGI / EUA / UKA
  • CCA / RGGI / EUA / UKA market fundamentals

Global renewables coverage including;

  • US Compliance REC and SREC futures and options
  • US Voluntary REC and SREC futures
  • US REC market fundamentals
  • Guarantees of Origin assessment pricing
  • Supply and demand fundamentals
  • Renewable generation data
Voluntary carbon data including ICE’s Nature Based Solutions carbon credit futures
Sustainable finance data including ICE’s ESG and green bond indices
Global fuels including US RINs, CA LCFS futures & Global Biofuel futures

Market data and global news

  • Real-time exchange data from 180+ global exchanges
  • Access to ICE proprietary exchange data (S2F)
  • FX spot and forward data
  • News from several leading third-party news sources including Dataminr, Dow Jones and MT Newswires
  • Cash price data from all major price reporting agencies covering energy, carbon, renewables, credits, offsets and biofuels

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ICE Connect Energy Transition

Functionality available via ICE Connect

Options Analytics

Optimize trading and manage risk in real time with advanced options valuation and analytics.


Seize opportunities with access to ICE's liquid and transparent global markets.


Build relationships with global market participants in a secure, compliant environment.


Use global fundamental supply and demand data to understand and predict market movements.