With the ICE Connect mobile application you get real-time, streaming access to global prices, Dow Jones news, charting and analytical tools on your iPhone, iPad or Android. Conflation options are available designed to better control data usage over mobile networks.

Be ready to engage everywhere and at any time

User preferences (for example, watchlists, news filters, and displayed fields) are stored centrally and synced. As a result your personalized ICE Connect experience follows you when you’re in between meetings or on the road.

In addition by using one account with entitlements controlled across the web-based desktop and mobile device, you can mitigate the risk of being liable for dual exchange data fees.

Key Features
Home Page

Customize your home page to view watch lists, detailed quotes, news and charts.

Watch List

View both customized and shared watch lists from your ICE Connect web-based desktop.

Detailed Quotes

Get detailed quotes, including a chart for the markets that you are watching.

Charting & Analysis

Chart and analyze the markets that are of interest to you.

Options Board

View in the money, near the money or out of the money options.

Symbol Lookup

Intuitively find symbols with full search capabilities.

Seamless Syncing

Easily sync your device watch list with your ICE Connect web-based desktop symbol lists.

Download our App to Stay Connected

ICE Connect customers can download our mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.

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