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Chicago — New Jersey

IGN is launching wireless market data services from Chicago to New Jersey Metro area in 2021. This will enable customers affordable access to a competitive network designed and built specifically for the needs of low-latency traders.

The wireless feed will carry highly liquid CME Futures symbols from Chicago to financial hubs in Mahwah, Secaucus, and Carteret.


Market Data Packages

Chicago New Jersey Metro SFTI Wireless Connectivity

Level 1 BBO updates and trades for selected symbols

Proprietary feed, optimized for wireless service

Multicast market data for easy integration

CME Wireless Feed

Symbol List

Access location Group Symbols*
Mahwah**, Secaucus (NY4), Carteret (NY11) Energy Futures Crude Oil (CL)
Equities Futures E-mini S&P 500 (ES)
E-mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ)
E-mini Dow $5 (YM)
E-mini S&P MidCap 400 (EMD)
Metal Futures Gold (GC)
Silver (SI)
Copper (HG)
Fixed Income Futures Two Year T-Note (ZT)
Five Year T-Note (ZF)
Ten Year T-Note (ZN)
T-Bond Fifteen Year (ZB)
Ultra Bond (UB)

*This symbol list is subject to change at any time

** CME service in Mahwah is subject to regulatory requirements and processes