Robust transactional data analysis

As clients face stringent best execution requirements and firms seek a deeper understanding of trade behavior, the need for data intelligence is critical.

ICE Tick History Analytics combines deep historical tick data from our Consolidated Feed with ONETick’s analytics engine, for an on-demand analytics T+1 solution. Complementing our ICE DataVault offering, this analytics solution focuses on results without exposing the underlying historical data.

Discover ICE Tick-History Analytics

Leverage analytics for a variety of use cases:

Market surveillance

Monitor, detect and prevent abusive or illegal trading activities to help support compliance obligations

Trade & arrival price

Compare trade price against an independent reference point, a more advanced approach to calculate transaction cost in PRIIPS

Quantitative research

Model quantitative trading strategies and analyze historical data to identify market trends and patterns

Best Execution

Monitor execution quality to comply with regulations such as MiFID I & II and MAR. Perform routing or liquidity analysis at a point of time

Computed analytics

Apply predefined look up scenarios such as Mid-price, Spread and Opportunity Cost, for quick data analysis

Flexible file delivery

Analytics files delivered within 24 hours utilizing a simple file drop and collect process via SFTP

Fully hosted

No need to deploy local hardware or maintain infrastructure, reducing total cost of ownership