Simplifying management of historical data

Historical data can offer insight to the future direction of markets, yet data storage can be challenging and costly. To simplify data management, we’ve launched a cloud-based platform that enables you to easily manage and source large amounts of historical tick-by-tick data.

Coverage includes 600+ sources, 300+ exchanges, 130+ FX contributors, as well as OTC broker data and streaming fixed income evaluated prices dating back as early as 2008 – all from the ICE Consolidated Feed.

ICE DataVault Launch

Cloud-based tick history platform to simplify data management

Leverage deep historical data that enables you to:

Manage compliance requirements
Back-test the effectiveness of your portfolios
Design real-time algorithmic trading models
Perform quantitative research and analysis

Customize your historical data

Access all instruments for a specific market using our full market center files or leverage the portfolio view to filter specific instruments in your portfolio.

Choose how you want to access

View a subset of securities via web portal, or access programmatically. Data can also be delivered to the cloud via SFTP, or S3 to S3 transfers to your AWS account.

Benefit from ease of delivery

Download and schedule the delivery of files to suit your business processes. Access a week of history direct from your repository.