The ICE Data Services Snapshot offers insight into the enhancements we’re making across our ICE Global Network & Consolidated Feed solutions to help ensure you have access to the content you need to make quicker, more informed decisions.

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ICE Global Network

Delivering a broad range of data including proprietary and third-party content through an ultra-secure, highly resilient network.

Ultra-low-latency access in Frankfurt

Expected launch: October 2019

Utilizing innovative Layer 1 switching technology in Deutsche Börse’s colocation site in Frankfurt, we’re launching two new premium services for customers:

  • Multicast market data: enabling ultra-low latency and cost-effective access to native market data from local exchanges
  • Premium shared hosting: an enhanced service for latency-sensitive customers looking for hosting and network connectivity as a packaged solution
Bakkt Bitcoin futures

Bakkt Daily and Monthly Bitcoin futures launched for trading at ICE Futures U.S. on September 23, offering market participants unique trading, security and risk management features.

We’re offering direct access to the new bitcoin futures through the ICE Global Network, as part of the ICE Futures U.S. Financials package or as a separate entitlement.

Bakkt bitcoin futures data is also available alongside global cryptocurrency data on the ICE Consolidated Feed, offering investors added transparency in this evolving market.

European raw tick data

Our raw tick historical data solution now includes access to high-precision data from ICE Futures Europe and Euronext markets:

  • Low latency direct feeds with nanosecond precision time-stamps are captured in each exchange colocation
  • Evaluate historical data before making the decision to switch to those feeds in real-time
  • Outsource your historical data management on-demand, with an economical and reliable capture solution

ICE Consolidated Feed

Coverage includes 600+ sources, 300+ exchanges and 130+ FX contributors. Access OTC broker data and streaming fixed income evaluated prices.

ICE DataVault file types

Our cloud-based tick history platform enables you to easily manage and source large amounts of historical tick-by-tick data ─ with ICE DataVault you have the flexibility to choose the file type that suits your business needs.

  • “Standard” file view provides historical tick data via a normalized field and message classification output
  • “Replay” file view provides an unadjusted output as recorded by the native real-time Consolidated feed
  • Complementary cross-reference and reference data files are available to support price and trade reference information for instruments across respective venues
ICE Data Derivatives content

We’ve added interest rate derivatives curve data for 60+ major trading currencies to the ICE Consolidated Feed.

Data is sourced from a wide variety of contributors that combine the largest brokers, banks, local brokers and other market makers, with broad coverage of established and emerging markets.

Interest rate derivatives curve content is available alongside credit, FX, commodities and energy data in real-time streaming format.