The ICE Data Services Snapshot offers insight into the enhancements we’re making across our ICE Global Network & Consolidated Feed solutions to help ensure you have access to the content you need to make quicker, more informed decisions.

ICE Consolidated Feed

Coverage includes 600+ sources, 300+ exchanges and 130+ FX contributors. Access OTC broker data and streaming fixed income evaluated prices.

Introducing ICE DataVault

To simplify data management, we’ve launched a cloud-based platform to easily manage and source large amounts of historical tick-by-tick data.

Using ICE DataVault you can view historical data via web portal, or programmatic access. Data can also be delivered to the cloud via SFTP, or S3 to S3 transfers to your AWS account.

Leverage deep historical data that enables you to:

  • Manage compliance requirements
  • Back-test the effectiveness of your portfolios
  • Design real-time algorithmic trading models
  • Perform quantitative research and analysis
ICE Data Services proprietary content

Integrate pricing data into your analytics and workflows, and better manage risk with new proprietary content from ICE Data Services.

  • Derivatives data, including intraday spot, forward curves and volatility surfaces for a range of markets, including 200+ oil products across crude, fuel oils, distillates and light ends, as well as interest rates swaps and inflations
  • Transparent, high-quality CDS data on Single Names, Sovereigns, Indices, and CDS Tranches. Our CDS data and valuation solution integrates pricing data from the Buy-and Sell-Side
  • Composite bond pricing on actively quoted government, corporate (including preferred) and convertible bonds. Data is sourced in real-time from executable and indicative quotes directly from the largest and most active credit investors
Cryptocurrency enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the ICE Cryptocurrency Data Feed to support price discovery and risk management:

  • Venue specific cryptocurrency instruments providing the same fields and data as the composite, but for each individual source
  • Regional cryptocurrency closes for London, New York, Singapore and Tokyo

The feed delivers real-time and historical data for the most widely and actively traded cryptocurrencies. Covering 60+ cryptocurrencies from leading venues, markets and exchanges across the globe.

Find out how we’re boosting transparency in this previously opaque market.

ICE Global Network

Delivers a broad range of data including proprietary and third-party content through an ultra-secure, highly resilient network.

Extending services to the Cloud

We’re extending the reach of our ICE Data Services solutions. Utilizing Megaport’s Software Defined Network, select content and data services are now available via any public cloud environment, as well as from 400+ new global locations.

  • Access to the ICE Consolidated Feed - aggregated content from 600+ global sources, spanning 300+ venues and 23m+ instruments
  • Direct connectivity to ICE Data Services:
    • WebICE, eSignal, ICE Unicast services, including drop copy and order entry
    • Pricing & Analytics - Continuous Evaluated Pricing, Pricing & Reference Data and CDS pricing data
New wireless network & upgrades

We’re bringing improved latency for clients in the New Jersey Metro area, with a new higher capacity wireless network. The new network links our Mahwah data center and the major New Jersey Metro trading hubs of Carteret and Secaucus.

Access will be available to the same flexible market data as the existing network, which includes a wide range of equities and ETFs on the NYSE markets, Cboe, and Nasdaq. Private bandwidth services are available in speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 100Mbps.

Our ultra-low latency wireless routes are engineered for capital markets, enabling efficient delivery of raw market data from key liquidity venues across the globe.

New content added

We’ve added new channels for CME and B3 Bovespa to the ICE Global Network:

  • Settlements and Valuations channels for CME, covering CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX markets to provide theoretical valuations without volume, open interest and underlying pricing required for clearing
  • New Top of Book, Market by Order & Market by Price channels to the current suite of B3 Bovespa Equities Level 1 and Level 2 data packages

We’re working to bring you connectivity to the Small Exchange Order Book Feed, which provides market information such as updated orders, trades and market state changes for the exchange market covering futures and futures spreads for specific index futures.