We’re ensuring our solutions support your trading needs. Navigate the complexity of global financial markets with access to key content through ICE. View the enhancements we’re making across the ICE Global Network and Consolidated Feed.

ICE Global Network

Your direct connection to the markets, delivering a broad range of data including proprietary and third-party content via an ultra-secure, highly resilient network.

Ultra-low latency services in Aurora and Basildon

As part of the buildout of its premium hosting offering, in Q4 2020 ICE Global Network will be extending its ultra-low latency offering to Aurora (CME datacenter) and Basildon (ICE Futures, Euronext), in addition to Frankfurt that was launched late 2019. By utilizing innovative Layer 1 technology, ICE will offer faster access to local multicast market data and order entry gateways through its suite of premium hosting solutions.

Access to LIBOR

LIBOR data is now available in a multicast format, over the ICE Global Network. This new option, based on the industry standard format to deliver financial data, comes in addition to the existing internet-based transfer methodology. Customers that license LIBOR data will be able to leverage our ultra-secure, highly resilient network to access the data.

LIBOR data is published daily at 11:55am London time by ICE Benchmark Administration.

Low latency access to vital data

To support current market volatility and increasing market data processing requirements, ICE provides flexible delivery options for consuming NMS data (CTA & OPRA) outside of the Mahwah data center. By leveraging the ICE Global Network, customers can benefit from the reduced latency and increased bandwidth options (including new 100 Gb ports in select locations) to deliver NMS data in key locations such as Secaucus, Carteret and 350 Cermak.

Euronext is planning to add Oslo Börs to its Optiq® platform located in Basildon, in November 2020. ICE Global Network gives you access to all Euronext content, including this new exchange once migrated, at the lowest latency in the marketplace.

ICE Consolidated Feed

Coverage includes 600+ sources, 300+ exchanges and 130+ FX contributors. Access OTC broker data and streaming fixed income evaluated prices.

New Point-in-Time Look-up

We are planning on launching a new Point-in-Time Look-up solution as part of ICE DataVault, giving clients a snapshot view of the market on executed trades, supporting compliance and best execution needs:

  • Perform an arrival price look-up to measure the performance of your executions
  • Analyze cross-asset transactional data against historical data without ingesting the full-tick granularity
  • Use ICE’s secure SFTP, with no additional add-on or hardware required on premise

If you’re interested in joining the beta launch of this new solution, get in touch.

Enhanced Query_Xref

We are planning on enhancing the Query_Xref capability to support alternate indices and wildcards, these enhancements include:

  • Make a request using an alternate symbology (ISIN, SEDOL, CUSIP, BBG Ticker)
  • You are no longer limited to a single symbol, or all symbols on a given source
  • Make a request without a source ID to get responses across multiple sources

These enhancements will be available for wire protocol and ICE Consolidated Feed API users. More information can be found in the API Dev Guide and CTF Command Reference Guide.

New content additions

Exchange data: Additions include LSE Curve Global, U.S. regional equity markets (Members Exchange and Miami Exchange), Taifex Ultra and Matba Rofex Argentinian Derivatives

Risk-free rates: We’ve added SOFR Index, SOFR Averages and SONIA Compounded Index. Plus, the Warsaw Interbank Offered Rate (WIBOR), the primary benchmark fixing for Poland.

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