We’re ensuring our solutions support your trading needs and you have access to key content. View the enhancements we’re making across the ICE Global Network and Consolidated Feed.

ICE Global Network

Your direct connection to the markets, delivering a broad range of data including proprietary and third-party content via an ultra-secure, highly resilient network.

More capacity with 100 Gb ports

Volatility and increased trading volumes have led to a surge in data consumption, meaning high-bandwidth-capacity data feeds are becoming the norm.

Our new 100 Gb ports provide access for your low-latency market data needs, without bandwidth limitation related interruptions, in select U.S. locations.

ICE Futures data in Tokyo and Shanghai

We’ve launched a new ultra-low latency data feed, available over our Chicago-to-Tokyo wireless network, and via low-latency connection to Shanghai. The feed includes widely traded futures contracts on ICE Futures Europe and ICE Futures U.S., and CME, at market-leading latencies.

Data from ICE includes ICE Brent, WTI, Dubai 1st Line, Sugar, Cotton and MSCI Emerging Markets futures.

New access center in Sweden

Opened in Kista, Stockholm, the new center offers direct access to 150+ global trading venues, and information from 750+ proprietary and third-party sources.

With this new point of presence, ICE Global Network can efficiently support the Scandinavian financial community in preparation for the Oslo Børs migration to Euronext Optiq®.

ICE Consolidated Feed

Coverage includes 600+ sources, 300+ exchanges and 130+ FX contributors. Access OTC broker data and streaming fixed income evaluated prices.

Exclusive real-time indices

The ICE real-time index now extends to fixed income with fixed income volatility and bond indices updating throughout the day. The feed will be the exclusive delivery mechanism for real-time indices from ICE Data Indices:

  • ICE offers the first real-time publication of indices tracking the broad fixed income markets
  • The ICE BofA MOVE Index tracks U.S. fixed income market volatility for enhanced intraday monitoring

Real-time fixed income / MOVE offerings can be monitored alongside ICE real-time equity, commodity and currency indices, providing a complete, multi-asset view of the markets.

ICE Consolidated Feed for TREP enhancements

We’re continually enhancing our TREP-FH software to provide the highest performance for our customers. Recent enhancements include:

  • Three times the maximum throughput
  • Decreased memory usage
  • Symbol lists support
  • Trade-safe conflation support
  • PRIMACT logic support for level-1 sources

To continue to receive these enhancements, clients will need to migrate to the v3.X line of TREP-FH software by Dec. 31, 2020.

New content additions

Fixed income: additions include Stockholm Interbank Offered Rate (STIBOR), the Chilean Benchmark Fixing, Bank of Japan FX, State Bank of Vietnam IR & FX Reference rates and the Fed Reserve 20-year U.S. Treasury bond.

China Financial Futures Exchange: now includes market depth and recently launched options.

Shanghai Stock Exchange: level 2 market depth added to provide size transparency on the top 50 orders at the top price point for each listed security.

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