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ICE DataVault

Across global markets, a competitive edge demands the application of big data sets. Yet the management of that data, including processing, collecting and storage can be challenging and costly. ICE DataVault is a comprehensive cloud accessible archive of historical tick data captured from the ICE Consolidated Feed — every trade and quote from global exchanges, OTC brokers, and proprietary data sets, with history spanning 10+ years.

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Broad coverage, market depth and data quality supports

Market surveillance

Monitor, detect and prevent potentially abusive or illegal trading activities to help ensure orderly markets. Demonstrate fair and transparent trading and operations.

Quantitative research

Model trading strategies to assess performance and viability. Perform in-depth analysis to identify market trends so you can execute with confidence.

Best execution

Monitor execution performance to comply with regulations. Better identify latency and slippage to help achieve enhanced trading and operational performance.

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Case Studies

ICE Consolidated Feed in Combination with ICE DataVault - Power a Premier Electronic Trading Platform

A broker-neutral electronic trading provider whose application provides users with access to global market data, news, charts and analytics, engaged with ICE to integrate the ICE Consolidated Feed and the ICE DataVault On-Demand Bars solution.

ICE Consolidated - Feed Tier 1 Client Enterprise Integration

Tier 1 sell-side institution integrates the ICE Consolidated Feed into Refinitiv’s Real-Time Distribution System, powering their enterprise applications with ICE’s broad, real-time data sets, which helps them remain competitive in a dynamic environment.

ICE DataVault - Enterprise Integration of Historical Data

A large North American investment bank wanted to streamline their historical data from fragmented, department-based data repositories to a centralized data warehouse that supports their core business needs globally.

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