Across global markets, a competitive edge demands the application of big data sets. Yet the management of that data, including processing, collecting and storage can be challenging and costly. ICE DataVault is a cloud-based platform that enables you to access large amounts of historical tick data from the ICE Consolidated Feed — each trade and quote, across multiple asset classes, with history going back 10+ years.


Point-in-Time Look-Up service

ICE DataVault’s Point-in-Time Look-Up is a fully managed service that allows retrieval of quote information around a specific timestamp to meet Best Execution and TCA requirements. Clients can use a simple file-based interface to submit securities of interest and receive the response file within the same day.

The service is powered by the ICE DataVault’s deep-tick repositories, with access to the full breadth of tick-by-tick content across 600+ sources.

Broad coverage, market depth and data quality supports

Market surveillance

Monitor, detect and prevent potentially abusive or illegal trading activities to help ensure orderly markets. Demonstrate fair and transparent trading and operations.

Quantitative research

Model trading strategies to assess performance and viability. Perform in-depth analysis to identify market trends so you can execute with confidence.

Best execution

Monitor execution performance to comply with regulations. Better identify latency and slippage to help achieve enhanced trading and operational performance.

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