Access to comprehensive price discovery is vital to accurately value the cryptocurrency market. Our Cryptocurrency Data Feed, available on the ICE Consolidated Feed, gives you access to streaming real-time and historical data for the most actively traded digital currencies.

Broad coverage includes fifteen digital currencies from global trading venues, markets and exchanges around the world:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dash
  • EOS
  • Ether
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • NEO
  • OmiseGo
  • Qtum
  • Ripple
  • Stellar
  • Tether
  • Zcash

ICE and Blockstream are working together to offer multi-asset and multi-venue data from 25+ cryptocurrency trading venues, markets, and exchanges globally. This service captures over two-thirds of the global crypto trading volume. All crosses are captured and normalized into an easily consumable data model for market depth, quotes, and trades. Key fields include venue attribution indicating where a price event occurred and basic pricing fields such as quantity, price, currency and timestamp.

  • Fifteen digital currencies against USD and other major currencies
  • Calculated crosses between the digital currencies
  • Three years of Bitcoin (XBT) history
  • XBT/USD averages over 20 million updates per day
  • In excess of 200 million updates per day across all digital pairs
  • Level 2 venue-specific orderbooks in market-by-price format

Also on the ICE Consolidated Feed:

  • NYXBT - NYSE Bitcoin Index
  • Comprehensive Level 1 and 2 futures pricing

Crypto/Fiat Pairs

Crypto Symbol Description
Bitcoin X:SXBTARS Bitcoin (b) vs Argentine Peso Spot (XBT/ARS)
Bitcoin X:SXBTCLP Bitcoin (b) vs Chilean Peso Spot (XBT/CLP)
Bitcoin X:SXBTCNY Bitcoin (b) vs Chinese Yuan (XBT/CNY)
Bitcoin X:SXBTCOP Bitcoin (b) vs Colombia Peso Spot (XBT/COP)
Bitcoin X:SXBTEUR Bitcoin (b) vs Euro Spot (XBT/EUR)
Bitcoin X:SXBTINR Bitcoin (b) vs Indian Rupee Spot (XBT/INR)
Bitcoin X:SXBTJPY Bitcoin (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (XBT/JPY)
Bitcoin X:SXBTKRW Bitcoin (b) vs Korean Won Spot (XBT/KRW)
Bitcoin X:SXBTMXN Bitcoin (b) vs Mexican Peso Spot (XBT/MXN)
Bitcoin X:SXBTPEN Bitcoin (b) vs Peru New Sol Spot (XBT/PEN)
Bitcoin X:SXBTPLN Bitcoin (b) vs Polish Zloty Spot (XBT/PLN)
Bitcoin X:SXBTGBP Bitcoin (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (XBT/GBP)
Bitcoin X:SXBTRUB Bitcoin (b) vs Russian Ruble Spot (XBT/RUB)
Bitcoin X:SXBTSGD Bitcoin (b) vs Singapore Dollar Spot (XBT/SGD)
Bitcoin X:SXBTUAH Bitcoin (b) vs Ukrainian Hryvnia Spot (XBT/UAH)
Bitcoin X:SXBTUSD Bitcoin (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (XBT/USD)
Ether X:SETHARS Ether (b) vs Argentine Peso Spot (ETH/ARS)
Ether X:SETHCLP Ether (b) vs Chilean Peso Spot (ETH/CLP)
Ether X:SETHCOP Ether (b) vs Colombia Peso Spot (ETH/COP)
Ether X:SETHEUR Ether (b) vs Euro Spot (ETH/EUR)
Ether X:SETHJPY Ether (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (ETH/JPY)
Ether X:SETHKRW Ether (b) vs Korean Won Spot (ETH/KRW)
Ether X:SETHMXN Ether (b) vs Mexican Peso Spot (ETH/MXN)
Ether X:SETHPEN Ether (b) vs Peru New Sol Spot (ETH/PEN)
Ether X:SETHPLN Ether (b) vs Polish Zloty Spot (ETH/PLN)
Ether X:SETHGBP Ether (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (ETH/GBP)
Ether X:SETHRUB Ether (b) vs Russian Ruble Spot (ETH/RUB)
Ether X:SETHUAH Ether (b) vs Ukrainian Hryvnia Spot (ETH/UAH)
Ether X:SETHUSD Ether (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (ETH/USD)
Litecoin X:SLTCARS Litecoin (b) vs Argentine Peso Spot (LTC/ARS)
Litecoin X:SLTCCLP Litecoin (b) vs Chilean Peso Spot (LTC/CLP)
Litecoin X:SLTCCOP Litecoin (b) vs Colombia Peso Spot (LTC/COP)
Litecoin X:SLTCEUR Litecoin (b) vs Euro Spot (LTC/EUR)
Litecoin X:SLTCJPY Litecoin (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (LTC/JPY)
Litecoin X:SLTCKRW Litecoin (b) vs Korean Won Spot (LTC/KRW)
Litecoin X:SLTCMXN Litecoin (b) vs Mexican Peso Spot (LTC/MXN)
Litecoin X:SLTCPEN Litecoin (b) vs Peru New Sol Spot (LTC/PEN)
Litecoin X:SLTCRUB Litecoin (b) vs Russian Ruble Spot (LTC/RUB)
Litecoin X:SLTCUSD Litecoin (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (LTC/USD)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHARS Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Argentine Peso Spot (BCH/ARS)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHCLP Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Chilean Peso Spot (BCH/CLP)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHCOP Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Colombia Peso Spot (BCH/COP)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHEUR Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Euro Spot (BCH/EUR)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHJPY Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (BCH/JPY)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHKRW Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Korean Won Spot (BCH/KRW)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHMXN Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Mexican Peso Spot (BCH/MXN)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHPEN Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Peru New Sol Spot (BCH/PEN)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHGBP Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (BCH/GBP)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHRUB Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Russian Ruble Spot (BCH/RUB)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHUSD Bitcoin Cash (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (BCH/USD)
Dash X:SDAHEUR Dash (b) vs Euro Spot (DAH/EUR)
Dash X:SDAHGBP Dash (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (DAH/GBP)
Dash X:SDAHRUB Dash (b) vs Russian Ruble Spot (DAH/RUB)
Dash X:SDAHUSD Dash (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (DAH/USD)
Ripple X:SXRPEUR Ripple (b) vs Euro Spot (XRP/EUR)
Ripple X:SXRPJPY Ripple (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (XRP/JPY)
Ripple X:SXRPKRW Ripple (b) vs Korean Won Spot (XRP/KRW)
Ripple X:SXRPMXN Ripple (b) vs Mexican Peso Spot (XRP/MXN)
Ripple X:SXRPRUB Ripple (b) vs Russian Ruble Spot (XRP/RUB)
Ripple X:SXRPUSD Ripple (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (XRP/USD)
Tether X:SUSTUSD Tether (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (UST/USD)
Tether X:SUSTRUB Tether (b) vs. Russion Ruble Spot (UST/RUB)
EOS X:SEOSEUR EOS (b) vs Euro Spot (EOS/EUR)
EOS X:SEOSJPY EOS (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (EOS/JPY)
EOS X:SEOSKRW EOS (b) vs Korean Won Spot (EOS/KRW)
EOS X:SEOSGBP EOS (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (EOS/GBP)
EOS X:SEOSUSD EOS (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (EOS/USD)
NEO X:SNEOEUR NEO (b) vs Euro Spot (NEO/EUR)
NEO X:SNEOJPY NEO (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (NEO/JPY)
NEO X:SNEOGBP NEO (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (NEO/GBP)
NEO X:SNEOUSD NEO (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (NEO/USD)
Monero X:SXMREUR Monero (b) vs Euro Spot (XMR/EUR)
Monero X:SXMRUSD Monero (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (XMR/USD)
Ethereum Classic X:SETCKRW Ethereum Classic (b) vs Korean Won Spot (ETC/KRW)
Ethereum Classic X:SETCRUB Ethereum Classic (b) vs Russian Ruble Spot (ETC/RUB)
Ethereum Classic X:SETCUSD Ethereum Classic (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (ETC/USD)
Qtum X:SQTMKRW Qtum (b) vs Korean Won Spot (QTM/KRW)
OmiseGo X:SOMGKRW OmiseGO (b) vs Korean Won Spot (OMG/KRW)
OmiseGo X:SOMGUSD OmiseGO (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (OMG/USD)
Zcash X:SZECEUR Zcash (b) vs Euro Spot (ZEC/EUR)
Zcash X:SZECKRW Zcash (b) vs Korean Won Spot (ZEC/KRW)
Zcash X:SZECRUB Zcash (b) vs Russian Ruble Spot (ZEC/RUB)
Zcash X:SZECUSD Zcash (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (ZEC/USD)
Stellar X:SXLMEUR Stellar (b) vs Euro Spot (XLM/EUR)
Stellar X:SXLMJPY Stellar (b) vs Japanese Yen Spot (XLM/JPY)
Stellar X:SXLMKRW Stellar (b) vs Korean Won Spot (XLM/KRW)
Stellar X:SXLMGBP Stellar (b) vs Pound Sterling Spot (XLM/GBP)
Stellar X:SXLMUSD Stellar (b) vs United States Dollar Spot (XLM/USD)
Other X:SXAUXBT Gold 1gram (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (XAU/XBT)

Crypto/Crypto Pairs

Crypto Symbol Description
Bitcoin X:SXBTXRP Bitcoin (b) vs Ripple Spot (XBT/XRP)
Bitcoin X:SXBTUST Bitcoin (b) vs USD Tether Spot (XBT/UST)
Ether X:SETHXBT Ether (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (ETH/XBT)
Ether X:SETHLTC Ether (b) vs Litecoin Spot (ETH/LTC)
Ether X:SETHUST Ether (b) vs USD Tether Spot (ETH/UST)
Litecoin X:SLTCXBT Litecoin (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (LTC/XBT)
Litecoin X:SLTCETH Litecoin (b) vs Ether Spot (LTC/ETH)
Litecoin X:SLTCUST Litecoin (b) vs USD Tether Spot (LTC/UST)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHXBT Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (BCH/XBT)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHETH Bitcoin Cash (b) vs Ether Spot (BCH/ETH)
Bitcoin Cash X:SBCHUST Bitcoin Cash (b) vs USD Tether Spot (BCH/UST)
Dash X:SDAHXBT Dash (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (DAH/XBT)
Dash X:SDAHETH Dash (b) vs Ether Spot (DAH/ETH)
Dash X:SDAHUST Dash (b) vs USD Tether Spot (DAH/UST)
Ripple X:SXRPXBT Ripple (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (XRP/XBT)
Ripple X:SXRPETH Ripple (b) vs Ether Spot (XRP/ETH)
Ripple X:SXRPUST Ripple (b) vs USD Tether Spot (XRP/UST)
EOS X:SEOSXBT EOS (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (EOS/XBT)
EOS X:SEOSETH EOS (b) vs Ether Spot (EOS/ETH)
EOS X:SEOSUST EOS (b) vs USD Tether Spot (EOS/UST)
NEO X:SNEOXBT NEO (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (NEO/XBT)
NEO X:SNEOETH NEO (b) vs Ether Spot (NEO/ETH)
Monero X:SXMRXBT Monero (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (XMR/XBT)
Monero X:SXMRETH Monero (b) vs Ether Spot (XMR/ETH)
Monero X:SXMRUST Monero (b) vs USD Tether Spot (XMR/UST)
Ethereum Classic X:SETCXBT Ethereum Classic (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (ETC/XBT)
Ethereum Classic X:SETCETH Ethereum Classic (b) vs Ether Spot (ETC/ETH)
Ethereum Classic X:SETCUST Ethereum Classic (b) vs USD Tether Spot (ETC/UST)
Qtum X:SQTMXBT Qtum (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (QTM/XBT)
Qtum X:SQTMETH Qtum (b) vs Ether Spot (QTM/ETH)
OmiseGo X:SOMGXBT OmiseGO (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (OMG/XBT)
OmiseGo X:SOMGETH OmiseGO (b) vs Ether Spot (OMG/ETH)
OmiseGo X:SOMGUST OmiseGO (b) vs USD Tether Spot (OMG/UST)
Zcash X:SZECXBT Zcash (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (ZEC/XBT)
Zcash X:SZECETH Zcash (b) vs Ether Spot (ZEC/ETH)
Zcash X:SZECUST Zcash (b) vs USD Tether Spot (ZEC/UST)
Stellar X:SXLMXBT Stellar (b) vs Bitcoin Spot (XLM/XBT)
Stellar X:SXLMETH Stellar (b) vs Ether Spot (XLM/ETH)


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