Our expanded Data & Analytics application brings together real-time market data, charting, analytics and news, including Dow Jones and MT Newswires, across global markets to help you better manage price and currency risk. It includes coverage of global futures and options exchanges, together with prices from brokers and FX spot and forward prices from a wide range of contributors.

Data & Analytics is available alongside your existing ICE applications via ICE Connect. ICE Connect is a seamless way to access your trading, messaging and analytics tools, using single sign-on functionality to streamline your workflow and leverage data more effectively.


Get price discovery with real-time, streaming market data from over 100 exchanges including ICE Futures U.S., ICE Futures Europe and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

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Verify prices with global crude benchmarks along the oil supply chain from leading Price Reporting Agencies such as S&P Global Platts and OPIS

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Grains & Oilseed

Get price discovery with real-time, streaming market data from over 100 exchanges including Euronext Commodities, CBOT, KCBT, MGE, SAFEX and NCDX

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Foreign Exchange

Get price discovery with real-time streaming prices from over 100 exchanges, FX spot and forward prices from 100+ contributors, news from Dow Jones and analytics.


Wealth Management

Built for investment and wealth management workflows, the Market-Q platform is designed to enable advisors to access client portfolio data alongside global real-time market data, news and tools to analyze securities and holdings.

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Market & News Coverage

Real-time prices from a wide range of exchanges, comprehensive FX spot and forward prices, Dow Jones and MT Newswires news, and weather maps

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Specialist Content from our Providers

Critical market data from leading brokers, price reporting agencies S&P Global Platts and OPIS, as well as key statistics from the USDA

Options Monitoring and Risk Management

A complete set of tools designed for analyzing an options portfolio’s profit/loss potential and managing portfolio risk

Mobile, Personalized Experience

Seamless access from your browser, phone or tablet to our Data & Analytics app

Powerful Charting & Analysis

Advanced charting with deep historical data, formula support and 90+ indicators

Excel Add-in

An Excel® Add-In built specifically for the needs of traders, allowing you to access real-time and historical data in an intuitive, flexible interface