Real-time fixed income solutions

The fixed income market is continually evolving, and our view on evaluated pricing has too. For years the industry has deemed end-of-day evaluations to be sufficient, but real-time decisions can benefit from more up-to-date information. At ICE Data Services, we developed a method for continuous evaluated pricing that can enable you to make more strategic, informed investment decisions.

And, when you want to see how your trade stacks up, our Best Execution service utilizes continuous evaluated pricing at the point in time closest to your trade, helping you to contextualize trading performance with a best execution score relative to market conditions at time of trade.

High Quality Data that Can Enable:

Optimize trading and portfolio management

Better Trade Cost Analysis
Analyze investment strategies and trading performance

Regulatory Compliance
Enhance risk management process and achieve operational efficiency

Fiduciary Responsibility Validation
Manage and protect your investments

Get deeper pricing insight into thinly tracked securities when you extend the reach of fixed income end-of-day evaluations into intraday applications.

Intraday, continuous evaluated prices provide:

  • Pre-trade transparency
  • Price discovery and an enhanced ability to identify new trade opportunities
  • Enhanced trading workflow to support ETF monitoring, trading and intraday internal crossing
  • Post-trade best execution analysis, compliance and transaction cost analysis
  • Support of intraday operational valuation processes and collateral
  • Real-time risk and credit utilization monitoring


Powered by Continuous Evaluated Pricing, our Best Execution service can help more closely monitor trading activities, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and measure trading effectiveness across the growing number of venues and protocols.

  • Internal Best Execution Compliance: Save time and minimize information leakage that could compromise your trading strategy with scoring that can help satisfy internal Best Execution requirements from a pre- and post-trade perspective
  • Regulatory Compliance:  You can support compliance requirements and introduce workflow efficiencies with pre- and post-trade detection and reporting that can help address regulatory pressures (e.g., MiFID II, FINRA 5310 and MSRB G-18 )
  • Measure Execution Quality: Assess the quality of trading counterparty service and measure the impact of trading venue and protocol selections with custom reports