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Insight Series

The Move to Net Zero

Navigating the transition

The move to a net zero economy has far reaching implications for companies, investment, and the planet.

Join us alongside industry experts for an interactive series of sessions focusing on big questions that exist within the discussion on the move to net zero:

How can markets support the move to net zero?

What role do businesses play to facilitate the transition?

How will climate change affect the economy? And what investment opportunities exist?

Past Events

The Evolution of Environmental Markets

Wednesday, December 8

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Our latest installment in the ICE Insights: The Move to Net Zero and off the heels of COP26, our panel examined the state of environmental markets and their likely evolution.

From case studies on how they're being used, to where policy could focus, we provided a wide-ranging view of how markets are playing a vital role in facilitating the energy transition.


  • Ariel Perez, Managing Partner, Vertree
  • Beatriz Yordi, Director European & International Carbon Markets, Directorate General for Climate Action, European Commission
  • Bryce Smith, CEO, LevelTen Energy


  • Gordon Bennett, Managing Director, Utility Markets, ICE

The Role of Institutional Investors

Thursday, September 9

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In this session, we take a closer look at the role institutional investors play in decarbonizing portfolios and increasing investments in climate-related solutions.

Guest speakers from LGIM and Amundi provided a view on how they plan to achieve their sustainability commitments and what methods they’ll use to implement these.


  • Michael Marks, Head of Responsible Investing Integration, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)
  • Caroline Le Meaux, Head of ESG Research, Engagement, and Voting Policy, Amundi


  • Anthony Belcher, Head of Sustainable Finance, ICE

Decarbonizing U.S. Energy

Tuesday, June 22

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The long road to net zero will require a range of different energy sources and a transformation of the sector.

In this session, senior leaders across U.S. natural gas utilities discuss how they are decarbonizing their operations to support a low carbon future.


  • Maryam Brown, President at SoCalGas, Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE)
  • Diane Leopold, COO, Dominion Energy (NYSE: D)
  • David Anderson, CEO, NW Natural Holdings (NYSE: NWN)


  • Brian Matt, Head of ESG Advisory, NYSE

  • The Move to Net Zero

    Thursday, April 29

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    In the first of the series, we hear from the world’s largest asset manager on how it’s looking to make sustainability the standard in investing.

    BlackRock speaks to us about the importance of its companies doing more to cut emissions and how it’s redesigning portfolios to support a greener future.


    • Mark Wiedman, Head of International and of Corporate Strategy, BlackRock


    • Lynn Martin, President of Fixed Income & Data Services, ICE