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Jack Welch

Founder, Jack Welch Management Institute

Jack Welch

"Became GE CEO at the age of 45"

The late Jack Welch was one of the world's most respected and celebrated CEOs, known for his unmatched track record of success, enormous love of people, fierce passion for winning, and unbridled desire to change the world for the better using his unique management practices.

Working closely with an outstanding faculty, Jack Welch was engaged in every aspect of the Jack Welch Management Institute. As Executive Chairman, he appeared in regular videos about current business events, hosted live video conferences, interacted with students via email, and was deeply involved in the development of the program's curriculum.

Born to a working class family in Salem, Massachusetts, Jack attended the University of Massachusetts, and received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois. He joined GE at age 24, worked his way up through many divisions, and was named its CEO in 1981 at the age of 45. In his 21 years as CEO, Jack transformed GE into the world's most admired and successful company with his innovative management techniques. Revenues grew five-fold, from $25 billion to $130 billion, income grew ten-fold, from $1.5 billion to $15 billion, and the company's market capitalization had a 30-fold increase of more than $400 billion. His achievements are considered epic, and, as a result, thousands of companies around the world have adopted the Welch Way.

After retiring from GE in 2001, Jack Welch only became more active in business. He has written three best-selling business books, Jack: Straight from the Gut, Winning and The Real-Life MBA. He actively participated in managing numerous companies as part of a private equity group, and for four years wrote an immensely popular weekly column for Businessweek magazine. He was a fixture on TV as a popular business commentator.

Jack Welch was always defined by his zealous love of teaching and commitment to building leaders. At GE, he created the world's best corporate training center and regularly taught there himself. He also taught a popular course as a visiting professor at MIT's Sloan School of Management, and regularly gave seminars to CEOs and senior executives around the world.