ICE Innovation Series

The ICE Innovation Series explores how data, when combined with the right expertise and application, can be used to identify trends and navigate the complexity of financial markets.

TECH 2020

Financial markets are changing fast. To stay competitive, companies must embrace new technology and alternative data sources. Our Tech 2020 series brings together industry experts to discuss the latest financial technology trends, and the innovative solutions being developed to facilitate adoption.

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Innovation in surveillance: the role of AI, data & tech

We discuss how technology and data can support surveillance and help ensure proper monitoring of the market.

Tapping the potential of alternative data

We discuss how the industry is evolving, the diversity of alternative data sources and solutions to discover, analyze and innovate.

New data distribution platforms on the cloud

We examine the benefits clients are seeking from cloud-based platforms, explore real-life examples and discuss implementation and support solutions.

Trading application performance and network resiliency

A closer look at the challenges of trading over the internet, and solutions to help enhance trading operations and reduce risk.

Using tick data to navigate market volatility

We discuss the importance of tick-level data to analyze market activity, and how firms such as RCM-X, harness that data to tune execution algorithms.