Global Oil Benchmarks

Crude Oil Futures & Options

Crude Oil is one of the most widely used and actively traded commodities in the world. And ICE is where a large percentage of the world’s crude oil derivatives are traded.

Our range of crude oil contracts includes Brent, the world’s most commonly referenced crude oil price benchmark, as well as WTI and Dubai.

Price benchmarks such as these do the ‘heavy lifting’ for oil price discovery, enabling other grades to be traded in reference to the most liquid flat price instruments. This helps to provide security and liquidity to the whole market.

Use the interactive map below to explore our global range of crude oil products.


Use the globe below to explore our range of oil products.



  • Margin offsets between Brent and Dubai of up to 96% offer the most efficient way to cover East/West pricing exposure
  • Up to 97% in initial margin savings when you trade Brent/WTI spreads on ICE
  • Savings of nearly 90% in initial margin costs when you keep your Arb options and underlying hedge with ICE
  • Margin offsets across the entire oil product range
  • Additional margin offsets against non-oil contracts including coal, gas, power, emissions and freight
  • A reduced fee structure for contracts held to expiry
  • A selection of ICE Brent cracks across the barrel to help you cover your refining margin exposure
  • A comprehensive list of FFAs to help you cover freight exposure while receiving margin offsets against your crude positions
  • Around-the-clock- help for entering direct counterparty deals

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