Asia Volume Report

December 2021 Highlights

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Year-end wrap and trends we're watching

As we round out a year full of surprises, there’s still uncertainty on the horizon. But traders, portfolio managers and other market participants recognize that with this, comes opportunity. At ICE, we’re excited to continue connecting our customers to opportunity across global markets. We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

Top 25 ICE Futures Contracts - During Asian Hours

Product DescriptionExchange CodeADV for Asian HoursTotal ADV
ICE Brent Crude FuturesIFEU143,693762,267
Three Month Euro (Euribor) FutureIFLL128,610521,934
FTSE 100 - Stnd Index FutureIFLL45,927162,980
Low Sulphur Gasoil FuturesIFEU41,238220,219
Long Gilt FutureIFLL36,049173,927
Three Month SONIAIFLL34,902142,973
Dutch TTF Gas Base Load FuturesNDEX31,037188,013
Three Month Sterling FutureIFLL22,52299,442
MSCI Emerging Markets Index FuturesIFUS20,900240,286
Dutch TTF Gas SpotNDEX16,02627,781
EUA FuturesNDEX13,32858,782
Dubai 1st Line FuturesIFEU13,28521,729
ICE WTI Crude FuturesIFEU12,936120,952
ICE Brent Crude Futures SettlementIFEU8,43041,499
Singapore Gasoil (Platts) FuturesIFEU7,31812,073
NYBOT Sugar No. 11IFUS7,31676,327
MSCI All Country World Net Total Return (NTR) Index FuturesIFUS5,6266,056
ICE Heating Oil FuturesIFEU4,904145,556
Natural Gas NYMEX LD1 FuturesIFED4,829309,931
Brent Crude Futures Singapore Minute MarkerIFEU4,5994,614
NYBOT US Dollar IndexIFUS4,00619,729
MSCI Europe NTR (USD) - Stnd Index FutureIFLL3,7623,762
Singapore Mogas 92 Unleaded (Platts) FuturesIFEU3,4146,843
MSCI Japan NTR Index FuturesIFEU3,0874,085

Asian Hours: 8:00am SGT - 5:00pm SGT

(1:00am – 10:00am UK, 8:00pm – 5:00am ET)

Top Performing ICE Contracts - YoY % Growths

Product DescriptionExchange CodeADVLast YearYoY%
ICE Brent Crude FuturesIFEU762,267649,92017.29%
Three Month Euro (Euribor) FutureIFLL521,934497,1354.99%
Natural Gas NYMEX LD1 FuturesIFED309,9314382,009-18.87%
MSCI Emerging Markets Index FuturesIFUS240,386241,205-0.34%
Natural Gas Firm Physical, Gas Daily DailyOTC230,102226,8051.45%
Low Sulphur Gasoil FuturesIFEU220,219222,711-1.12%
Dutch TTF Gas Base Load FuturesNDEX188,013120,27656.32%
Long Gilt FutureIFLL173,927192,975-9.87%
NGX NG Firm Phys FUT, Fixed PriceOTC167,737123,51435.80%
Firm-LD Peak, LD1 for PhysicalOTC150,495356,482-53.61%
ICE Heating Oil FuturesIFEU145,55691,92763.71%
Three Month SONIAIFLL142,97358,326145.13%
ICE WTI Crude FuturesIFEU120,952132,225-8.53%
Firm-LD Off-Peak, LD1 for PhysicalOTC103,132118,427-12.92%
Three Month Sterling FutureIFLL99,442581,575-82.90%
NYBOT Sugar No. 11IFUS76,32774,1242.97%
MSCI EAFE Index FuturesIFUS76,02675,9630.08%
Natural Gas Firm Physical, Inside FERCOTC74,59867,59810.36%
NGX NG Firm Phys FUT NYMEX LD1OTC72,63674,295-2.23%
Natural Gas Basis NYMEX LD1 for Inside FERC FuturesIFED59,09365,284-9.48%
EUA FuturesNDEX58,782
ICE NYH (RBOB) Gasoline FuturesIFEU49,47583,487-40.74%

IFEU - ICE Futures Europe

IFLL - ICE Futures Europe - Financial Products Division

NDEX - ICE Endex Derivatives B.V

IFUS - ICE Futures US

IFLX - ICE Futures Europe - Agricultural Products Division

IFED - ICE Futures Energy Derivatives