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ICE Futures Singapore Building

Asia Volume Report

April 2022 Highlights

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Markets: ICE Futures Singapore

Benchmark reform in the Asia-Pacific

Across the Asia-Pacific, countries are at varying stages of developing their own risk-free rates as alternatives to interbank offered rates (IBOR) after certain LIBOR settings were officially ceased at the end of 2021. Jurisdictions have varying approaches in their benchmark reform programs, reflecting differing levels of urgency depending on the calculation methodology of their original rates.

Read on for the latest developments across jurisdictions.

Top 25 ICE Futures Contracts - During Asian Hours

Product DescriptionExchange CodeADV for Asian HoursTotal ADV
Three Month Euro (Euribor) FutureIFLL321,075930,680
ICE Brent Crude FuturesIFEU191,867778,807
Long Gilt FutureIFLL64,790216,595
Three Month SONIAIFLL59,350200,770
Low Sulphur Gasoil FuturesIFEU36,743174,683
FTSE 100 - Stnd Index FutureIFLL28,46192,598
Dutch TTF Gas Base Load FuturesNDEX28,179133,445
NYBOT Sugar No. 11IFUS20,658163,843
ICE WTI Crude FuturesIFEU15,686187,144
MSCI Emerging Markets Index FuturesIFUS13,696116,305
Dubai 1st Line FuturesIFEU12,25420,369
Dutch TTF Gas SpotNDEX10,58818,993
EUA FuturesNDEX8,82322,849
NYBOT US Dollar IndexIFUS7,96626,406
Natural Gas NYMEX LD1 FuturesIFED6,474532,377
Brent Crude Futures Singapore Minute MarkerIFEU6,3466,363
ICE Brent Crude Futures SettlementIFEU6,34038,695
Brent 1st Line vs Dubai 1st Line FuturesIFEU5,71511,346
Singapore Mogas 92 Unleaded (Platts) FuturesIFEU5,4759,904
Singapore Gasoil (Platts) FuturesIFEU5,2888,589
NYBOT Cotton No. 2IFUS4,80738,576
Dated Brent vs Brent 1st Line FuturesIFEU4,49019,511
ICE UK Natural Gas FuturesIFEU3,90718,945
NYBOT CocoaIFUS3,88246,452

Top Performing ICE Contracts - YoY % Growths

Product DescriptionExchange CodeADVLast YearYoY%
Three Month Euro (Euribor) FutureIFLL930,680680,39036.79%
ICE Brent Crude FuturesIFEU778,807839,209-7.20%
Firm-LD Off-Peak, LD1 for PhysicalOTC649,15396,905569.89%
Natural Gas NYMEX LD1 FuturesIFED532,377265,538100.49%
Firm-LD Around The Clock, LD1 for PhysicalOTC299,570
Firm-LD Peak, LD1 for PhysicalOTC268,360154,64073.54%
Natural Gas Firm Physical, Gas Daily DailyOTC232,287196,54218.19%
Long Gilt FutureIFLL216,595218,672-0.95%
Three Month SONIAIFLL200,77064,312212.18%
ICE WTI Crude FuturesIFEU187,144187,0520.05%
Low Sulphur Gasoil FuturesIFEU174,683255,894-31.74%
NYBOT Sugar No. 11IFUS163,843162,6480.73%
NGX NG Firm Phys FUT, Fixed PriceOTC161,861132,86521.82%
Natural Gas Firm Physical, Fixed PriceOTC151,094119,73126.19%
Dutch TTF Gas Base Load FuturesNDEX133,445130,4952.26%
Firm-LD Around The ClockOTC117,492461,514-74.54%
MSCI Emerging Markets Index FuturesIFUS116,30577,30450.45%
Natural Gas Basis NYMEX LD1 for Inside FERC FuturesIFED115,67266,79373.18%
NGX NG Firm Phys FUT NYMEX LD1OTC106,72481,37731.15%
NGX NG Firm Phys FUT, 7A Month Ahead IndexOTC98,03461,02060.66%
FTSE 100 - Stnd Index FutureIFLL92,59876,56820.94%
Natural Gas Firm Physical, Inside FERCOTC81,86665,56824.86%
Natural Gas NYMEX LD1 Futures ICE LotsIFED56,39824,774127.65%
NYBOT CocoaIFUS46,45242,20110.07%
ICE NYH (RBOB) Gasoline FuturesIFEU44,73564,515-30.66%

IFEU - ICE Futures Europe

IFLL - ICE Futures Europe - Financial Products Division

NDEX - ICE Endex Derivatives B.V

IFUS - ICE Futures US

IFLX - ICE Futures Europe - Agricultural Products Division

IFED - ICE Futures Energy Derivatives