Asia Volume Report

August 2021 Highlights

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Fresh trading highs for ICE’s North American Environmental Markets

ICE has been a leader in environmental markets for nearly two decades. Today, our environmental markets span Europe and North America — the world’s most liquid environmental markets.
In July, 258,015 lots traded across the North American Physical Environmental product suite - an all-time record high. On July 28, the open interest across the North American Physical Environmental product suite reached a new record of 1,135,206 lots. In addition, 119,112 lots across the North American Physical Environmental product suite went to delivery this month. This is the largest monthly delivery of the year, and second all-time behind 165,719 lots delivered in December 2020.

Top 25 ICE Futures Contracts - During Asian Hours

Product DescriptionExchange CodeADV for Asian HoursTotal ADV
ICE Brent Crude FuturesIFEU184,760792,944
Three Month Euro (Euribor) FutureIFLL148,291481,962
Three Month Sterling FutureIFLL110,498382,688
Long Gilt FutureIFLL102,311340,815
Low Sulphur Gasoil FuturesIFEU77,266296,394
Dutch TTF Gas Base Load FuturesNDEX36,391154,967
ICE WTI Crude FuturesIFEU27,778198,207
Three Month SONIAIFLL24,68375,985
FTSE 100 - Stnd Index FutureIFLL24,18171,575
NYBOT Sugar No. 11IFUS14,510101,017
Dubai 1st Line FuturesIFEU14,22022,924
EUA FuturesNDEX11,55627,782
ICE NYH (RBOB) Gasoline FuturesIFEU10,047161,326
Singapore Gasoil (Platts) FuturesIFEU9,94014,800
MSCI Emerging Markets Index FuturesIFUS9,27278,145
ICE Brent Crude Futures SettlementIFEU6,93838,237
ICE Heating Oil FuturesIFEU6,271220,943
NYBOT Coffee "C"IFUS6,11552,516
Brent 1st Line vs Dubai 1st Line FuturesIFEU5,75310,807
Dutch TTF Gas SpotNDEX5,20314,855
Singapore Mogas 92 Unleaded (Platts) FuturesIFEU5,15510,423
London Cocoa FutureIFLX5,05827,969
NYBOT US Dollar IndexIFUS4,91518,352
Singapore Gasoil (Platts) vs Low Sulphur Gasoil 1st Line (Platts) Futures (bbl)IFEU4,3677,796
Natural Gas NYMEX LD1 FuturesIFED4,045341,956

Asian Hours: 8:00am SGT - 5:00pm SGT

(1:00am – 10:00am UK, 8:00pm – 5:00am ET)

Top Performing ICE Contracts - YoY % Growths

Product DescriptionExchange CodeADVLast YearYoY%
ICE Brent Crude FuturesIFEU792,944568,78839.41%
Three Month Euro (Euribor) FutureIFLL481,962551,797-12.66%
Three Month Sterling FutureIFLL382,688471,782-18.88%
Natural Gas NYMEX LD1 FuturesIFED341,956414,801-17.56%
Long Gilt FutureIFLL340,815272,58425.03%
Low Sulphur Gasoil FuturesIFEU296,394255,53915.99%
ICE Heating Oil FuturesIFEU220,943126,53974.61%
ICE WTI Crude FuturesIFEU198,207154,95327.91%
Natural Gas Firm Physical, Gas Daily DailyOTC171,472193,707-11.48%
ICE NYH (RBOB) Gasoline FuturesIFEU161,326115,52539.65%
Dutch TTF Gas Base Load FuturesNDEX154,96797,58458.80%
Firm-LD Around The ClockOTC149,095150,156-0.71%
Natural Gas Firm Physical, Fixed PriceOTC119,506141,528-15.56%
NYBOT Sugar No. 11IFUS101,017110,063-8.22%
NGX NG Firm Phys FUT, Fixed PriceOTC98,014119,619-18.06%
Firm-LD Peak, LD1 for PhysicalOTC81,47354,81948.62%
Firm-LD Off-PeakOTC78,5575,7801259.16%
MSCI Emerging Markets Index FuturesIFUS78,14574,7094.60%
Three Month SONIAIFLL75,98512,656500.41%
FTSE 100 - Stnd Index FutureIFLL71,57578,934-9.32%
Natural Gas Basis NYMEX LD1 for Inside FERC FuturesIFED64,77976,832-15.69%
NGX NG Firm Phys FUT, 7A Month Ahead IndexOTC63,93037,89768.69%
Natural Gas Firm Physical, Inside FERCOTC62,57757,1369.52%
NYBOT Coffee "C"IFUS52,51657,600-8.83%
NYBOT CocoaIFUS51,13141,55923.03%

IFEU - ICE Futures Europe

IFLL - ICE Futures Europe - Financial Products Division

NDEX - ICE Endex Derivatives B.V

IFUS - ICE Futures US

IFLX - ICE Futures Europe - Agricultural Products Division

IFED - ICE Futures Energy Derivatives