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Monthly markets report

Bitcoin, FX, equity and energy markets analysis

We work with the research team at Traddictiv® to provide analysis on the latest trends and developments in the bitcoin, FX, equity and energy markets. The report includes monthly recap videos where Traddictiv® present the latest economic data and market outlook. Tune in each month for a clear, concise and forward-looking breakdown of the state of the market.

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Product highlights

Key characteristics and features of products listed at ICE Futures Singapore.
Micro MSCI Europe Index Futures


Micro Asia Tech 30 Index Futures
Mini U.S. Dollar Index (USDX)


Transforming Global Markets: The Brent Story

ICE is home to the Brent futures contract, which marks its 30th anniversary this year. We transformed global oil markets with electronic trading, and have since expanded our oil complex to more than 500 related contracts, as we work with customers to shape tomorrow's oil markets.

Mini U.S. Dollar Index®

Get USD trends and insights from our Mini U.S. Dollar Index monthly newsletter. The Research Team at Traddictiv shares their views in this report.

Asia Volume Report

A monthly update on top performing futures & options contracts traded at ICE.

ICE Futures Singapore

Our global infrastructure is engineered to provide markets and clearing houses in the time zones and regulatory jurisdictions where our customers do business.