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Trade Policies & Procedures

Error Trade Policy
Read through our error trade policy to better understand the regulatory considerations around orders entered in error, the main components of the policy and how we use appropriate systems and controls to reduce the likelihood of a trade error occurring.

Market Surveillance Requirements
This document contains the due dates for market surveillance reports for the current calendar year. Pursuant to Rule 12, the dates provided are the first reporting dates for the weekly Call for Intentions reports (Annexures 12.A and 12.B) and Annex 12.C in the current calendar year.

Settlement Price Guidelines
Take a look at these guidelines to see the factors used in the settlement calculation for each month or spread for futures traded through this exchange.

Wash Trade / Cross Trade
Review these updated requirements regarding wash trades and cross trades to make sure you’re meeting the current trading policies / regulations.

Guidance on Crossed Trades and Hidden Quantity Orders


Trader Identification FAQs
Information regarding the requirements for unique trader identification, and population of Authorized Trader IDs in ATMS.

Disruptive Trading Practices FAQs
Find out what actions are considered disruptive trading practices, what factors could be considered in assessing a potential violation of the rule regarding disruptive practices and more.

Pre-Execution Communication FAQs
See the required permissions and restrictions for pre-execution communications, FAQs about the executions of orders resulting from pre-execution communication and how they can impact your account.

Self-Trade Prevention Functionality (STPF) FAQs
STPF provides various automated configurations to prevent self-trading of orders entered by the same direct market access (DMA) firm or related DIM firms under the same authorized trader ID or the same account ID.

Negotiated Option Strategy (NOS) FAQs
Information regarding the Negotiated Option Strategy (NOS) program, including the requirements for participation, and the procedures for conducting NOS.

Trade At Settlement (TAS) FAQs
Information regarding Trade At Settlement (TAS), which allow the entry of orders to buy or sell certain futures contracts at a price equal to, or at a differential to, the settlement price of that contract.

Administrative Penalty FAQs
Information regarding Administrative Penalties, including the Rules subject to Administrative Penalties, and the process by which Administrative Penalties are issued.