Commutes to work. Cherished family moments. Connecting with friends. Before any of this happens, ICE prices the energy, assets and commodities that fuel our lives.

We brought price discovery and transparency to the energy markets and pioneered the analog to digital transformation.

Today, our global energy markets touch people’s lives the world over. The gasoline fueling road trips, natural gas heating homes and the markets to address climate change all trade on ICE.

Each morning when people start their day, we provide the markets that price their coffee and orange juice. From cocoa and sugar to cotton, we’re the center of global trading in agricultural commodities.

In fixed income, we help to price and trade assets that fund economies, infrastructure, and enable companies to flourish. And in equities, our markets combine technology and human judgment to best serve investors and help companies raise money so they can change the world.

All of these markets rely on data to uncover opportunities, technology for efficient execution and post-trade services from clearing to reporting.

Energy »

From crude and refined oil, to natural gas and emissions trading, our global offering enables market participants to transact with precision wherever they are.

Fixed Income »

As fixed income markets seek greater transparency and liquidity, we bring increased efficiency and access across the trading cycle.

Interest Rates »

Offering the largest marketplace for UK and European interest rates, including Euribor, Short Sterling, Gilts, SONIA and SOFR.

Equities »

From emerging to developed markets, gain exposure to global equities with ICE and NYSE's derivative and cash offerings.

Agriculture »

Our benchmark contracts in coffee, sugar, cocoa, cotton and orange juice offer the most globally relevant price markers with tools to manage risk, help price discovery, and capture opportunities.

Credit Derivatives »

ICE is a leader in execution, clearing and risk management for the global credit default swaps market.

FX »

Trade more than 60 FX contracts including the world’s most heavily traded majors, cross rates and emerging markets currency pairs.

Metals »

We offer the most liquid U.S. market for mini gold and silver futures and options, as well as iron ore contracts based on both Platts and The Steel Index (TSI) underlyings.

Digital Assets »

Bakkt brings trusted, regulated infrastructure to digital asset markets, with secure custody and bitcoin futures contracts that trade on ICE’s regulated exchanges.