August 2021

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Market commentary

  • In August, the dollar posted a small net gain. The rise was supported by a minor increase in U.S. interest rates, after months of declines, and a flight to quality triggered by a global upsurge in COVID-19 cases driven by the Delta variant. The ICE U.S. Dollar Index® (USDX®) closed the month at 92.64, up about a ½%. However, USDX did approach the 94 level mid-month as the market anticipated that the Fed, at its annual Jackson Hole conference, would announce the size and scope the tapering of its bond purchases. When that did not occur, the dollar drifted lower from its August highs and settled into a trading range for the remainder of the month.
  • In Europe, EUR saw an uptick in day-to-day price action versus the dollar as compared to a relatively lackluster July, but by month end, the euro ended just marginally weaker. Staring August close to $1.20 level, EUR fell below $1.17 mid-month, for the first time in 2021. It didn’t remain there very long, only two days, and the euro spent the rest of the month on an upward trend, closing at $1.1808, down about a cent on the month. High Eurozone interest rates, pushed by rising US Treasury yields and the higher inflation reading in a decade, was the driver behind the stronger EUR. Likewise, sterling had a similar move. GBP began the month at about $1.40, then fell 4 cents by mid-month only to recoup about half of those losses to close out the month just below $1.38. Elsewhere in Europe, Scandinavian currencies posted like results, giving back 2% to 3% early on, with NOK test the 2021 low above 9 per dollar, but rallying into month end. The exceptions to this price action were CHF and RUB, both of which traded in a narrow range against USD in August.
  • Asia-Pacific currencies had a calm month versus the dollar in August. In Japan, the yen stopped the decline against USD that it experienced over the past few months. Rising COVID-19 cases and the anxiety surrounding further increases related to hosting the Summer Olympic Games kept JPY held back any potential JPY gains. CNY also held to a tight trading range, staying close to its multi-year high, in August despite weakening economic numbers out of China. Continuing lockdowns throughout Australia in August put pressure on AUD, with the currency falling 3 cents from its high, bottoming out just above 71 US cents. Later in the month, the Aussie rallied to close around the 73 U.S. cents level. New Zealand also had its COVID-19 problems, pushing the kiwi down to 68 US cents before improving to end the month at $0.70.
  • Elsewhere, CAD continued to fall, getting pummeled mid-month when crude oil dipped below $65 per barrel. The loonie dropped briefly to 1.2950, after beginning the month at 1.2450. As oil recovered, so did CAD, closing August at 1.2610. Emerging market central banks remain on the forefront of reducing economic stimulus by leading the way in raising interest rates. Brazil and, on August 31, Chile posted 75 basis point rate increases, stabilizing both BRL and CLP against USD. TRY posted a 2% gain, following on from the trend started in July.

USDX® Performance

Spot rates TICKER 2-Aug-21 31-Aug-21 Monthly Change
USD/EUR EUR A0-FX 1.18691 -1.1808 -0.163%%
JPY/USD JPY A0-FX 109.31 109.968 1.739%
USD/GBP GBP A0-FX 1.3883 1.3755 -0.986%
CAD/USD CAD A0-FX 1.2503 1.26108 0.249%
SEK/USD SEK A0-FX 8.5944 8.622 0.321%
CHF/USD CHF A0-FX 0.90502 0.91461 -2.254%
US Dollar Index DX A0 92.048 92.626 -0.459%
Other contracts TICKER 2-Aug-21 31-Aug-21 Monthly Change
Mini Brent Crude BM-ICS 72.89 71.63 -1.759%
MSCI World Index MWL 3065.5 3138.7 2.332%
MSCI Emerging Markets Index MME 1287 1299.2 0.939%
Mini US Dollar/Offshore Renminbi CHM-ICS 6.4695 6.464 0.145%

USDX® Futures Performance (YTD)

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