March 2021

USDX® Report

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Market commentary

  • The rebounding U.S. economy, much higher Treasury yields, coupled with COVID-19 setbacks elsewhere fueled USD’s climb in March. The ICE U.S. Dollar Index® (USDX®) gained over 2%, adding 2.34 to close at 93.24. The high point for March and the highest close since November 4, 2020. Intra-month, USDX posted steady gains daily.
  • European currencies were weaker across the board. A resurgence of lockdowns across halted the rise in rates, putting pressure on the currencies. EUR led the way lower, giving back over 3 cents against the dollar during the month. The euro fell below $1.20 mid-month, the first time in 2021, and stayed there, ending the month at $1.1726, a five-month low. Sterling performed better than EUR, but it too gave ground to the dollar. GBP lost about 2 cents, closing the month at $1.3781. CHF fell 3% versus the dollar, its worst performance since the height of the pandemic last March. The rest of Europe performed similarly.
  • In Asia-Pacific, higher U.S. yields also boosted the dollar against currencies in the region. JPY fell to 4 yen, bottoming out 110.71 per USD, the lowest level in a year. AUD held in better as most commodity prices remained strong. However, Aussie lost a cent against the greenback, closing the month at $0.7595. Kiwi lost about two cents; NZD ended March unable to hold the 70 US cent level, closing at $0.6981. CNY lost about 1% versus the dollar, the first monthly decline in 10 months. Some currencies posted small gains. INR was higher against USD for most of March but gave most of the gains back near month end as COVID-19 cases spiked in India; INR closed at 73.14 per dollar.
  • Elsewhere, CAD continued its move higher versus USD, helped by oil prices and increased U.S. exports. The loonie rallied to a mid-month high of 1.2365, a level not seen since September 2017. CAD gave some of those gains back and closed the month at 1.2565. A shakeup in the Turkish government and central bank sent the lira much lower despite a massive increase in local interest rates. TRY fell over 10% at month end after falling over 15% intra-month. TRY closed March above 8 per dollar, at 8.23. In Latin America, MXN posted about a 2% monthly gain on oil’s move, while BRL ended a volatile month unchanged as COVID-19 cases there soared.

USDX® Performance

Spot rates TICKER 1-Mar-21 31-Mar-21 Monthly Change
USD/EUR EUR A0-FX 1.20486 1.17271 0.095%
JPY/USD JPY A0-FX 106.756 110.709 -1.521%
USD/GBP GBP A0-FX 1.3919 1.3781 1.960%
CAD/USD CAD A0-FX 1.26456 1.2562 0.860%
SEK/USD SEK A0-FX 8.42147 8.72395 -0.070%
CHF/USD CHF A0-FX 0.91508 0.94349 -1.290%
US Dollar Index DX A0 91.039 93.232 -0.111%
Other contracts TICKER 1-Mar-21 31-Mar-21 Monthly Change
Mini Brent Crude BM-ICS 63.69 63.54 -0.236%
MSCI World Index MWL 2784.1 2804.8 0.738%
MSCI Emerging Markets Index MME 1374.5 1322.5 -3.932%
Mini US Dollar/Offshore Renminbi CHM-ICS 6.472 6.570 -1.499%

USDX® Futures Performance (YTD)

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