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ICE Credit Trade

Auction-style trading for investment grade, high yield corporate and emerging market bonds.

Gain Efficiencies

  • All pricing on one platform for simultaneous pricing evaluation between parties during a distinct period of time
  • Accommodates a variety of portfolio sizes
  • All or none execution only
  • Execute a portfolio as a spread to ICE Data Services Continuous Evaluated Pricing® or end of day prices to help minimize index tracking discrepancies
  • Automated execution within a set bid / offer threshold

Risk Matching Auction

A session-based protocol to efficiently trade and collapse risk exposure. Once the inventory is uploaded, the algorithm identifies off-setting risk to propose trades:

Portfolio Auction

A unique, automated solution to execute a portfolio of bonds on an all-or-nothing basis in a single trading session. Address specific use cases such as:

  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Seeding new funds
  • Relative value

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Important Disclosures

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