ICE FI Select

ICE FI Select™

Enhanced fixed income execution capabilities. Unlock the full range of ICE Bonds’ liquidity with consolidated access to a variety of execution protocols plus high quality content and analytics from ICE Data Services.

Access all of ICE Bonds liquidity, all on one screen

With over 500 participating firms and more than 500,000 live, executable markets, ICE Select enables centralized access to liquidity across ICE Bonds platforms including:

View pre-trade analytics alongside execution protocols
Assessing risk and opportunity demands high quality data, efficiency and insight. ICE FI Select incorporates content and analytics from ICE Data Services including Continuous Evaluated Pricing, Liquidity Indicators and Best Execution analytics into your pre- or post-trade workflow to help you make more informed execution decisions.
Seamlessly evaluate and execute across a range of protocols

ICE FI Select brings together your preferred protocols including Click-to-Trade, RFQ and Portfolio Auction:

  • Click-to-Trade with live and executable quotes
  • Portfolio Auctions for corporate and emerging market bonds
  • RFQ supporting anonymous and disclosed protocols for spread and price-based requests
Gain order workflow efficiency

Integrated with leading order management systems, ICE FI Select enables your entire trade workflow to be automated.

Portfolio optimization

ICE Portfolio Trade Optimizer provides an out of box solution to enhance and construct your portfolio into a well-diversified, “ETF-like” portfolio trade. Analyze and execute in a few clicks and streamline your workflow.

Key benefits:

  • Integrated in ICE Bonds Portfolio Auction trading protocol
  • Hedge risk more seamlessly
  • Drive cost and speed efficiency

Tailored for your workflow

Asset Managers

Access deeper liquidity pools without having to log into multiple applications.

  • Over 95% affirmation rate via ICE Bonds click-to-trade markets
  • Trade a basket of securities on an all-or-none basis with our Portfolio Auction Protocol
  • Institutional grade bilateral RFQ
  • Connectivity to order management systems such as BlackRock’s Aladdin and Charles River
  • Connect to the entire ICE fixed income ecosystem including high quality evaluated pricing and analytics from ICE Data Services

Seamlessly connect to ICE Bonds liquidity pools.

  • View high quality evaluated pricing and analytics from ICE Data Services
  • Consolidated STP for all ICE Bonds protocols and venues
  • Dealer facing API available for connectivity to internal trading and booking systems
  • Portfolio Auction API enables dealer responses from directly within your trading engines

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Important Disclosures

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