Eris Interest Rate Futures

ICE’s cash-settled Eris interest rate futures contracts, traded and cleared on the ICE platform, are based on the Eris Methodology™ and product design. The exchange listed futures contracts replicate the economics of interest rate swaps, offering an efficient and accessible means of trading the swap curves.

Eris Methodology

Replicates all of the cash flows and economics of analogous OTC Swaps including Price Alignment Interest (PAI)
  • Applies existing models, tools and swap curves for analysis and valuation
All cash flows are consolidated into a single cash flow in the form of variation margin
  • Simple post trade futures workflows
Eris products remain outstanding as futures until the maturity date (e.g. 5Y will remain as a futures contract for 5 years)
  • Cash settled at maturity with no risk of physical delivery
  • Futures clearing economics, operations, regulatory treatment throughout contract life
  • Standardization and automatic netting allows for favorable capital treatment under Basel III
Replicates swap conventions
  • Interest Rate Swaps: Floating index, day count fractions, reset dates, holiday calendars


Eris futures benefit from capital, margin and operational efficiencies of exchange traded derivatives and provide investors who may not have the operational capabilities or meet the necessary requirements to trade swaps, access to a similar hedging tool.

Capital Efficiency
  • Margin efficiencies through offsets with correlated products
New Market Participants
  • Participants who cannot trade swaps (e.g. due to mandate restrictions or operational constraints)
  • ETFs and futures-only funds (e.g. CTAs)
New Trading Strategies
  • For both traditional futures market participants and swaps participants
  • Futures vs. underlying swap basis / arbitrage trades
Operational Efficiency
  • Leverages existing futures infrastructure for execution, clearing and trade processing
  • Flexible Block trading
  • Operates in a structured, well known futures regulatory environment

Interest Rates

Eris Interest Rate Futures

Futures based on EUR and GBP interest rates trade on ICE Futures Europe and clear on ICE Clear Europe.

An extended set of Eris interest rate futures contracts are available for trading, allowing participants to select certain contract features from a predefined set, such as:

  • Tenor
  • Roll methodology
  • Fixed coupon
  • Floating leg options

By combining the flexibility of the OTC swap market, with the efficiency of exchange traded futures, traders can design custom contracts that are aligned with their investment objectives.

How Eris Interest Rates Work

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Reports & Data

End of Day Data

Eris Euribor ® Interest Rate Futures - Daily Data Values

Eris GBP SONIA Interest Rate Futures - Daily Data Values

How to Execute

ICE’s state-of-the-art front end trading platform

Offering advanced functionality to streamline the submission of off-exchange trades for clearing

Available on a range of ISV front-end platforms


The names Markit, CDX, and iTraxx are registered trademarks of the Markit Group of companies and are used by ICE under license. Euribor® and Eonia® are registered trademarks of European Money Markets Institute (EMMI) and are used by ICE under license. Eris products listed on ICE exchanges are based on the Eris Methodology™, Eris’ product design for constructing capital-efficient futures that incorporates intellectual property, expertise and patent-pending innovations.