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ICE MSCI ESG Derivatives

Offering a simple tool for ESG Integration

ICE has partnered with MSCI to launch the first suite of futures referencing MSCI ESG indices. As interest in socially responsible investing grows, assets tracking MSCI ESG indices have increased. Since 2014, over USD $180 billion of assets have been allocated to MSCI’s ESG indices, as institutional investors seek to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their investment decisions.

MSCI Index Derivatives

MSCI ESG & Climate Index Futures are standardized contracts listed on ICE Futures U.S. and tradable alongside the MSCI EM and MSCI EAFE contracts.

MSCI ESG Leaders

The MSCI ESG Leaders indices are designed for institutional investors seeking exposure to companies with a strong sustainability profile and with relatively low tracking error to the underlying equity market.

MSCI Climate Change

The MSCI Climate Change indices are designed to enable investors to holistically integrate climate risk considerations in their investment process while increasing diversification through a simple, rules-based reweighting methodology.

MSCI Climate Paris Aligned

The MSCI Climate Paris Aligned indices are designed to address climate change in a holistic way by minimizing exposure to transition & physical climate risks and aim to help investors seeking to align with a net-zero world.

MSCI Low Carbon

The MSCI Low Carbon indices are intended to help identify potential risks associated with the transition to a low carbon economy while representing the performance of the broad equity market.


Central Counterparty Clearing

Minimal counterparty risk with clearing on ICE Clear US

Risk Management

Transparency with reliable independent valuation, market-to-market daily

Structural Efficiency

Easily tradable either on CLOB or Block or as Block at Index Close (50 lots threshold for blocks)

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