Our global energy markets help price thousands of products, fueling everyday life

By creating a transparent, efficient marketplace based on electronic trading, we transformed energy markets and made them accessible across the globe.

As the world's leading energy marketplace, we offer the global oil benchmarks - Brent, WTI and Platts Dubai - alongside hundreds of contracts across geographies. Our global natural gas complex spans important trading hubs from the US and Canada to Europe and Asia, underpinned by an offering of more than 600 financially and physically-delivered contracts. In electric power, more trading takes place on ICE's platform than any other marketplace.

Our coal futures markets are based on demand for hedging the world's most active coal regions. For those who transport commodities globally, our dry freight derivatives enable hedging against these costs. And in energy-intensive sectors, we operate the world's leading emissions markets via our European and North American contracts.

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ICE Energy Categories

Oil & Refined Products »

As the leading platform for trading global crude and refined oil, we provide hundreds of derivative contracts.

Natural Gas & LNG »

One of the cleanest and safest energy sources, natural gas is a key component of the world's energy supply.

Natural Gas Liquids »

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) are a natural mix of gaseous hydrocarbons co-mingled with natural gas or crude.

Power »

More electric power is traded on ICE than any other electronic marketplace in the world.

Environmental »

Our European and North American contracts enable companies to manage their risk and to satisfy environmental compliance obligations.

Coal »

As a vital fuel for the power generation industry, coal is a key component of the international energy complex.

Freight »

Wet freight is closely linked to the crude and refined oil markets and operates both East and West of the Suez canal.