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Carbon Credit Auctions

ICE is bringing price discovery and transparency to the carbon credit market by connecting a global network of high-quality developers with a wide range of potential buyers, all hosted on state-of-the-art trading infrastructure. ICE has conducted carbon auctions for over a decade and hosts the four largest and most liquid carbon allowance futures markets in the world.

Access to the carbon credit auctions

In order to access auctions, all participants must satisfy the eligibility and admission criteria set out in article 2 of the Auction Terms for carbon credits. All participants, including Exchange Members of ICE Futures Europe, must apply for admission to the auctions.

Carbon credit auctions are held on WebICE

During the carbon credit auctions, bids can be submitted on WebICE, ICE's front-end trading platform. WebICE is widely recognised for its state-of-the-art trading infrastructure which delivers flexibility, connectivity and reliability to participants across the globe.

Auction results

Results will be published after each carbon credit auction.


Terms and Conditions of Access