Real-Time, Global Financial News

We’ve teamed up with Live Squawk to deliver breaking news and market-relevant content in real time so you know about changes across all major asset classes as they’re happening. When you connect to Live Squawk through the ICE instant messaging app, you’ll start seeing streaming news that includes up-to-the-second market commentary for the global financial landscape.

The Live Squawk news feed provides:

  • Breaking news across all major asset classes for all types of market professionals
  • A live broadcast 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday
  • Deep insight into global markets, economic events and political changes that could impact your trading strategy

  • How to Use:

    1. To access real-time, global financial news from Live Squawk, download the ICE instant messaging app.
    2. Search for “Live Squawk” in the ICE directory and add Live Squawk as one of your contacts.