Complimentary Temporary Access: ICE Portfolio Analytics – Bonds

With the U.S. presidential election, Brexit ramifications, the easing of stimulus packages around the world and fear of a second wave of COVID-19, we could see a surge in volatility.

Navigate market volatility with complimentary temporary access to ICE Portfolio Analytics – Bonds.

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In fixed income markets, a strong combination of data and technology is critical for traders and asset managers. Assessing performance, risk and opportunity demands speed, efficiency and insight.

ICE combines its depth of data and analytics with the latest technology in ICE Portfolio Analytics. Customizable and fast, ICE Portfolio Analytics allows you to analyze holdings at a single security or portfolio level, with data, pricing and analytics across asset classes.


Choose from a library of workflow tools to customize your workstation with the analytical view points needed to make investment decisions

Slice and dice your portfolio

Organize your workflow tools to isolate segments of your portfolio by security types, qualities, sectors, countries, currencies, etc

Benchmark comparisons

Measure portfolio performance against indices from ICE Data Indices and other industry leading benchmarks

Pre-trade / What-if analysis

Perform what-if and scenario analyses to help assess opportunities in dynamic markets

Simulations / Stress testing

Simulate portfolio performance based on specific interest rate or credit spread forecasts

Intraday Analysis

Monitor portfolio risk intraday using CEP® and streaming yield curves

Performance Attribution

Identify, quantify and explain sources of performance for portfolios and benchmarks historically given changes in market conditions

Bond Screener

Quickly scan our security database or portfolios to find securities based on user set criteria