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ICE Workforce Demographics

Gain insight into the Municipal Bond Markets

The municipal bond markets can offer both challenges and opportunities for investors, yet access to transparent municipality level data remains a challenge. A firmer understanding of U.S. population migration patterns may help market participants to better assess investment risks and opportunities.

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ICE Workforce Demographics is comprised of ICE Composite Scores and trends that are location-specific and linked to municipal bond level reference data from ICE, with anonymized and aggregated demographic payroll data from ADP.

ICE Composite Scores and trend statistics can help to better assess how migration patterns may impact the tax base or sales revenue within a given municipality. Market participants may apply the scores and trends across their portfolio holdings or on specific municipal securities.

ADP data covers approximately 1-in-6 of the working U.S. population across all 50 states. ICE Demographic Data is derived from aggregated and anonymized ADP payroll data and does not include responses from surveys.

ICE Composite Scores

Demographic derived scores are percentile ranked to make relative comparisons. Scoring includes migration, age, income level, industry sector and an overall score.

Trend Statistics

ICE Composite Scores can be used to identify trend patterns. Change percentages for scores are reported on a 1, 6 and 12 month basis and includes 13 month rolling history.

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