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ICE Climate Risk

Quantify climate risk exposure and make strategic decisions across municipal portfolios by maturity, obligor or geographical boundary with ICE Climate Risk. Powered by risQ’s actionable climate data and municipal security-level reference data from ICE Data Services, ICE Climate Risk enables analysis and comparison from specific securities to entire portfolios.

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The Impact of Climate Risk

Climate-related events have traditionally been risk and catastrophe model inputs used by insurance companies since the early 1990s. With rising sea levels, increases in the frequency and destructive power of hurricanes, floods, droughts and wild fires, investors in the municipal finance sector increasingly desire a combination of catastrophe and climate change scientific data to add to risk models.

ICE Climate Risk applies geospatial climate, economic and demographic data to specific municipalities and securities. This new level of transparency allows municipal market participants to make informed investment decisions on recently issued bonds or securities that may have high climate risk exposure in an existing portfolio.

Hazards measured:

Heat Stress




Key Benefits

  • Common financial metrics to aid in the comparison of climate hazards, locations and securities
  • Breadth of municipal obligor coverage spans the 48 contiguous U.S. states
  • Underlying demographic and socioeconomic data for obligors and surrounding areas providing valuable additional information for analysis
  • Data can be provided in a file-based solution at the security level, allowing for integration into risk systems and other analytical tools or through a desktop user interface
  • Downloadable visuals and the ability to easily generate custom reports
  • Customized query capabilities, and saving of user-defined searches and templates

Use Cases

Access our use cases to learn how ICE Climate Risk helps municipal market participants make more informed decisions.

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