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Multicast Price Feed

Full Implied Pricing Further Out The Curve

Intercontinental Exchange offers ISV customers a multicast price feed that supports both outright and full implied pricing for ICE Futures and Henry Hub contracts.
ICE's multicast price feed expands full implied pricing capability much further out the curve.

Gaining Access

Access to full implied pricing from ICE is available only to customers of ISVs utilizing the ICE multicast price feed. The TCP-based iMpact price feed does not support full implied pricing.

Contact your ISV for availability and access.

Click here for a list of approved ISVs based on their technology offering and commitment to customer service.

More Information

For more information on technical requirements, ISVs and direct access:

Contact Price Feed Support

Or open an integrate support ticket by visiting:

For all other inquires, please contact the ICE Help Desk.