6 Enhancements to Our Site

and how to use them to your advantage

We appreciate the feedback you've given us on our website, and we've taken it to heart. Based on your input, we're changing the structure and design of theice.com to make it easier for you to use and navigate.

Our new site structure includes:

1. Easy Access to the Login Menu - The login menu is still located in the same section of theice.com: the upper left corner. The site may look a little different, but the login process hasn't changed.

2. An Informational Drop-Down Navigation - The updated site features a black navigation bar across the top of the page with sections for: Products, Trade, Clear, Data, Tech, Benchmarks, Reports, List and Insights. When you hover your mouse over one of the sections, an expanded menu drops down to show you the information you can find in that section. Take a look at this example:

3. A Resources Toolbar - Helpful toolbars are included on the homepage and at the bottom of some expanded menus in the site's navigation, but the resources in the toolbar change to reflect the section of the site you're viewing. For example, the toolbar on the homepage includes links to trading hours, holiday calendars, fees, margins, expiry calendars and the subscription center. In contrast, the toolbar in the Reports section includes links to frequently accessed reports.

4. Our Redesigned Report Center - We've redesigned our report center to help you quickly find the market data that impacts your trading strategy. Rather than asking you to search for specific reports by name, the updated report center provides immediate visibility into all available ICE market data reports when you hover over the different report categories.

5. The Information Exchange - We've created a dedicated space to share information with you. This space, The Information Exchange, is where our team will post about issues impacting global markets, new ideas we have, updates we're working on or insights from our customers. We're looking forward to sharing thoughts from key leaders at ICE, insights into our technology apps and other content related to our markets and clearing houses.

6. More Visibility Into Key Events, Product Launches and Insights - When you scroll through the new homepage, you can see current highlights related to the global markets, clearing and risk management, and the latest developments in technology. This section gives you a quick overview of key events that might impact your day-to-day business activity.

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