The Future of Data

In Commodity, Equity, and Fixed Income Markets

By Lynn Martin, President and Chief Operating Officer of ICE Data Services

Global markets have seen a major transition over the last two decades. The move to electronic trading has turned exchanges that were once largely regional into global businesses, with buyers and sellers from around the world gaining real time access to markets through their screens. The result is the ability for exchanges to connect more markets on a common platform, thereby offering market participants increased operational efficiency and greater market transparency.

However, this trend has also increased the fragmentation of liquidity, and companies are now facing a fragmented market with some informational asymmetries.

And that’s where data comes into play. With fragmentation comes the need for more data that fuels informed trading, hedging and risk management.

Navigating the Data Landscape at ICE

The term “data” can be all encompassing. When we say it, we’re not just talking about information in the form of raw data. We’re also talking about the analytics, connectivity platforms and systems, and processes that transform large data sets into actionable data and information.

At ICE, we’re focused on combining data, technology and connectivity to offer customers a complete, consolidated view and to meet increased reporting and independent valuation requirements. We’re continually seeing more customers use data to inform their trading and capital allocation decisions, which is driving us to continually invest and innovate in this area. As ICE Chairman and CEO Jeff Sprecher recently put it, we’re “focused on harnessing our data into more usable, value-added information that our customers can easily consume to make more educated risk management decisions and comply with regulatory requirements.”

We’ve strategically expanded our data services based on the needs of our customers by:

How Interactive Data Extends our Services

Our recent acquisition of Interactive Data Corporation (IDC) reflects our data strategy – to provide the information, technology and access market participants require to value bonds and other fixed income instruments, manage risk, and connect to markets. With the addition of the leading valuation provider in fixed income to the ICE family, we offer an unparalled suite of comprehensive data across energy, agriculture and credit derivatives, interest rates, equities, equity derivatives, and exchange-traded funds.

We look forward to meeting your evolving needs - whether it is growing demand for real-time pricing, the addition of new instruments and products, or increased security and bandwidth in market connections, we will continue to evolve to meet your needs.

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