Tech in the Risk Management World

By Lynn Martin, President and Chief Operating Officer of ICE Data Services

It’s no secret that technology has introduced some drastic changes to the trading and risk management landscape. In the last couple of decades, we’ve made an incredible amount of progress. You can trade from a phone that’s “smart,” analyze the full breadth of activity in a particular contract or market from a single electronic screen, and have full conversations with other market participants in safe, compliant environments without having to pick up a phone. Similarly, you can evaluate the overall risk of your portfolio in a near real-time basis rather than waiting hours or even days to find out the risk that one portion of your portfolio represents.

Thanks to the constant evolution of technology, trading is more efficient and more informed than ever before. And, while the evidence of how much the trading process has evolved is apparent in the tools we use every day, the behind-the-scenes strategy and innovation efforts of the companies creating those tools isn’t always as visible. At ICE, we use cutting-edge technology to bring transparency, efficiency and access to markets. It’s our job to innovate and design technology that gives you the information and tools you need to participate in the market with confidence.

When I’m thinking about the technology we develop for the ICE marketplace, or when I look at tech innovations from others, I think about it from two perspectives: First, how does this impact trading or access to the global markets? Second, how do we stay on pace with a constantly evolving market to design tools that are easily integrated into the existing technology? With those considerations in mind, we’re continually working to produce new, industry-leading tools that help drive efficient access and informed decisions.

Recently, we’ve been focused on how we can enhance customer access to real-time, up-to-the-second market information.

Access to Breaking News

In today’s world, access to the latest information and price trends is essential – it’s what gives traders an edge on the market. We’ve recently added three new types of news alerts to our instant messaging tool to help you stay informed as you work with other market participants to establish price criteria and manage your risk.

Up-to-the-Second Market News from Live Squawk

Live Squawk, a real-time news service for market professionals who need up-to-the-second market news, has been integrated into the ICE instant messaging app. Now you can utilize free market headlines and commentary to react quickly and confidently to major market moves.

Live Squawk delivers breaking news and market-relevant content 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Covering all major asset classes in the global financial landscape, including equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and commodities.

Meteorological Reports from MDA Weather Services

Through a recent partnership with MDA Weather Services, we’re able to deliver free & exclusive meteorological commentary to our customers via our instant messaging app. So while you’re communicating with other key market participants throughout the price discovery process, we’re sending you real-time atmospheric and weather updates that could inform agricultural and energy market prices.

IIR Energy Status Alerts

We also work with IIR energy to deliver critical, up-to-the-minute status alerts of all planned and unplanned turnarounds in the global petroleum-refining sector through our instant messaging tool.. This service offers a direct line of sight into the latest news and market movements across the oil industry to help you react to energy price movements and market trends in real-time.

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