The Information Exchange

The New Face of Global Data: ICE Data Services

By Lynn Martin, President & COO of ICE Data Services

As we launch our integrated ICE Data Services, which is the combination of Intercontinental Exchange, Interactive Data and SuperDerivatives, I want to take a few minutes to share our vision for the expanded business with you. We’ve closely tracked our customers’ changing needs in response to the dynamic financial and commodity markets landscape, and ICE Data Services is our response to the recognition that a holistic, end-to-end data solution was needed.

The unique components of our integrated ICE Data Services include:

Exchange Data
New data is created every day on the ICE and NYSE markets and is used to make trading and risk management decisions throughout the lifecycle of a transaction, whether the transaction spans microseconds or comprises a long-term hedging or investing strategy. As the operator of 11 global exchanges across ICE and NYSE, we’re able to offer transparent insight into the data created on these markets in a range of formats to support informed trading and business decisions and efficiently manage risk.

Pricing & Analytics
The addition of SuperDerivatives and Interactive Data to ICE’s data portfolio was driven by the recognition that the demand for a growing range of data was increasing. SuperDerivatives is known for providing independent valuations for FX and commodity markets, and Interactive Data is known for its pricing, reference data and evaluations of fixed income markets. All of this is designed to help investment and risk management, meeting regulatory requirements and daily operational requirements. As a result of the new integrated data services, we’re able to offer market participants a wide range of evaluations, pricing, analytics and reference data across fixed income, equities, FX and commodity derivatives. Additionally, participants have access to a consolidated feed that aggregates content from 450+ global sources and indexing services based on their evolving needs.

Desktops & Tools
In 2000, energy traders were looking for more transparent access to their markets. ICE was founded as a result of this need, and we introduced the first version of the ICE trading screen, which is today one of the most widely distributed commodity desktops globally. Since then, we’ve expanded to serve a broad range of market participants with desktops and applications designed for everything from commodities and wealth management to instant messaging and pricing.

This set of services provides the backbone for bringing together markets with the participants who transact in them every day. By combining the connectivity services of ICE and Interactive Data, ICE Data Services offers the most sophisticated, secure and redundant infrastructure available today through its Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI) network. Not only does it enable cyber protections while offering connectivity to 150 trading venues and more than 600 market data and news sources globally, it also offers the choice of many connectivity solutions designed for resiliency and low latency.

What ICE Data Services Means For You

Every day, your business is making decisions based on the information it has at hand. Behind the scenes at ICE Data Services, we’re continually working to combine data, analytics, technology and connectivity to offer you a complete, consolidated view of global markets to help maximize your business and achieve strategic objectives. Here are a few examples of new services we’re able to offer as an integrated business:

  • A New Benchmark for the U.S. Treasury Market
    By leveraging the expertise across the combined entity, we developed the ICE U.S. Treasury Bond Index Series™ to serve as a broad representation of the U.S. treasury market. With a number of maturity sub-indices ranging from one month to thirty years, the index series is designed to offer flexible, transparent access to the treasury market.
  • Expanded Connectivity Options
    The proprietary ICE Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure® (SFTI®) has absorbed the 7ticks connectivity solutions. You’re now able to work with a single connectivity provider to choose from geographically diverse connections to global market designed for resiliency and redundancy, low latency connections designed to help for microsecond latency advantages, managed services including equipment hosting and racking, and over 30 access locations across the U.S., Asia and Europe.
  • An Investor Relations Market Data Platform, NYSE Connect
    This spring marked the launch of our next-generation market data platform designed for NYSE-listed investor relations teams. NYSE Connect provides robust data and analytics, consensus estimates, intuitional ownership insights, watch lists and more, and is relied on to inform IR programs.

And this is just the start. We’ve strategically built our teams and business to be agile and to evolve with the markets. We will continue to invest in ICE Data Services based on your feedback and the needs of the market, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.