The Information Exchange

New Homepage Feature

At ICE, we make it our mission to put our customers first in everything from building new technology that meets their evolving business needs to developing new products that support their risk management strategies. And our website is no different.

In 2015, we redesigned website to make information easier for our customers to find. Now, we’re introducing the tools that can help customers personalize their experience making the process of finding information faster and more efficient.

“To customize the experience for the visitor on our site, we created a bookmarking functionality that allows you to save the resources you frequently visit to a custom toolbar. Now, you can quickly access what is important to you, ” explains Jeff Amato, Director of Web and Digital Marketing at ICE.

How Bookmarking Works:

On the homepage of the site, you’ll see a Resources toolbar like the one in the image below.

To bookmark resources, follow these quick steps:

1. Click ‘Customize’ from the upper right corner of the Resources toolbar.

2. Select up to eight resources you want to bookmark.

3. Close the toolbar.

Once you make your selections, the bookmarks you chose will appear in your Resources toolbar when you visit the ICE website.

Please note: Clearing your cache will erase your bookmark preferences.