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Somewhere in the world at this moment, someone is drinking a cup of coffee. Putting on a cotton t-shirt. Filling up a gas tank before taking off for vacation. Or relying on a financial product such as a mortgage or pension. In order to access these products and services, the coffee beans, cotton, oil and interest rates or equities that comprise those products must be priced in a transparent market based on supply, demand and other key fundamentals of the market. Market participants, for example, a cotton producer, an oil refiner or a pension fund, utilize futures contracts to manage the price risk of planting and harvesting the crop, refining oil products or offering a retirement plan.

And that's where our global markets have helped transform the landscape. From bringing more market transparency and information to offering more market access to participants around the world, we're opening up the future of markets through technology and efficiency.

In any corner of the world at any given time of day, members of the ICE team are working: enhancing the technology that connects global market participants, developing new contracts to meet the needs of hedgers, supporting price transparency and regulatory compliance across virtually all major asset classes. Around the clock, our team is relentlessly pushing forward, working to help our customers manage price and operational risks so they can conduct their mission-critical work - whether that's producing food, energy or delivering financial services.

Through a network of 11 exchanges and 6 clearing houses across North America, Europe and Asia, we serve customers in 70 countries. We're uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end risk management and capital raising solutions around the world, in the local jurisdictions and local time zones where our customers do business. From oil producers in the U.S. to cocoa farmers in Africa, our mission is to serve customers around the clock, around the world.