ICE will send additional announcements/information to our clients and their technology staff. If you are an end user, please forward to your IT staff.

Oracle has announced several major changes to their Java offering which will impact how Java is distributed, deployed, updated and used on both servers and the end users’ machine. These changes include new licensing requirements which are necessitating the changes detailed below.

Several of ICE’s desktop applications are Java-based and require an installation of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and leverage Oracle’s Java WebStart (JWS) to launch. ICE certifies Java versions after they are released by Oracle, but currently, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure proper versions of Java are installed and updated on their user’s PCs.

ICE has been reviewing the Oracle announcements and we aim to ensure customers are not charged subscription fees for using our software. As a result, we are making changes to our applications to ensure a smooth transition for customers and maintain the same seamless experience when launching our software.

These changes will begin in November 2018 and continue into 2019. ICE will begin a rollout of ICE Web Start (IWS), our replacement technology for Oracle’s Java Web Start (JWS), and subsequently our applications will begin launching using an included JRE (during this process users may be prompted to accept new license terms). As the rollout is completed for each application, ICE’s applications will operate exclusively using the ICE-packaged JRE version and will no longer depend on any Oracle Java installation or other third party software on the user’s machine.

Supplemental Information:

Deprecation of Web Deployment Technology (Java Web Start )

Oracle has decided to discontinue JWS, which is used to download and launch the latest version of the application.

Java changes to the usage of JRE

Oracle is increasing the frequency of major Java releases to once every six months, each of which will end the public updates for the previous release. To get public updates to the old releases (to ensure all security patches are applied) users would be required to move to a subscription model with Oracle (as detailed above, ICE customers will not have to do this for ICE applications). See the links below for more details.