ICE was founded in 2000 to digitize energy markets by creating transparency that broadens access and provides liquidity. Today, we continue to build, innovate and operate Global Exchanges and Clearing services that connect participants across a range of asset classes. These include the world’s largest equities exchange NYSE, and the first regulated ecosystem for digital currencies, Bakkt.

Our expertise in data, trading and execution technology makes ICE’s network integral to the global financial system. We help participants uncover opportunity and invest, hedge and raise capital with comprehensive market and reference data tools. This is supported by ICE’s trusted clearing risk frameworks and technology.

End-to-end automation

As global markets become more interconnected, the need for efficient pricing and transparency grows. Our global exchanges and clearing services enable participants to transact with precision.

A unique network

Data and risk management solutions support decision making across asset classes - energy, equities, interest rates, metals and traditional and digital currencies. Our clearing services are built on strong governance and risk frameworks for maximum capital efficiencies.

Data to advance markets

With workspaces created for your role, access the data, analytics, and other capabilities to implement business and trading strategies in the most efficient way.

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Our global network of regulated futures exchanges, offers derivative trading across energy, fixed income, interest rates, equities, credit, currencies and metals. View contract specs and data for futures, options and OTC products spanning all major asset classes.

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Global clearing services

Our clearing houses deliver stability and risk management across global markets. With 6 clearing houses serving key derivatives asset classes across the U.S., U.K., Europe, Canada and Singapore, our clearing platform drives operational and capital efficiency regardless of where you transact. With strong governance, proven risk frameworks and capital, our clearing houses bring transparency, discipline and security to markets around the world.

The ICE global clearing house network

The ICE global clearing network is strategically designed to provide clearing services in the regulatory jurisdictions and time zones where you do business.

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