Diverse Leadership

Transforming global markets with strong, diverse leadership.

Our ability to do that rests on our greatest asset, our people. That includes diverse leadership throughout our senior management team, entire organization and on our Board.

We are focused on increasing and supporting diversity through three pillars
The NYSE Board Advisory Council connects diverse board candidates with companies seeking new directors
We are working to empower Black and underrepresented entrepreneurs with the human capital they need to succeed
Our podcast features conversations with a diverse set of entrepreneurs and visionaries
Hear from Intercontinental Exchange Directors why having women on boards matters
ICE CTO Mayur Kapani discusses how focusing on customers drives innovation

NYSE Board Advisory Council

Lack of diversity on corporate boards is a well-documented issue and the NYSE is making a proactive step toward progress. In May 2019, the New York Stock Exchange launched the NYSE Board Advisory Council to proactively address the critical need for inclusive leadership by connecting diverse candidates with companies seeking new directors.

Fifty years ago Muriel “Mickie” Siebert became the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange

As the owner of the New York Stock Exchange, we have a unique opportunity to help raise awareness for non-profit organizations

The New York Stock Exchange has a long history of trail blazing women dating back to 1943

Two of ICE’s female directors discuss why having women on the Board makes a difference

The Street's Alpha Rising sat down with the women ruling the C-Suite at the NYSE