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10/15/2012 FAQ: Pre-Execution Communications
10/15/2012 ICE Futures U.S. Energy Block Trade Requirements
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10/15/2012 ICAP TruQuote FAQ
10/12/2012 EFS Notice
10/12/2012 Position Limits, Accountability Levels and Hedge Exemptions
10/12/2012 ICE Futures U.S. Error Trade Policy
10/12/2012 Energy Contracts to be subject to ICE Futures U.S. and ICE Futures Europe Rulebooks
10/12/2012 Notice on Broker Registration Relief
10/10/2012 IntercontinentalExchange Receives 4d(a) Order from the CFTC
10/01/2012 Brokered Trades Guidance
09/13/2012 ICE Authorizes New Energy Memberships

To ensure market participants have consistent access to hedging and trading in the energy markets following the implementation of Dodd-Frank, ICE converted its cleared energy swap contracts to economically equivalent futures contracts in October of 2012. These products will continue to be listed and traded in the same manner on the ICE platform and cleared at ICE Clear Europe, which also has received the DCO designation from the CFTC.

Customer Benefits

  • Streamlined regulatory requirements:

    • A participant that trades swaps will be required to report each swap to a swap data repository, whereas the same participant executing economically equivalent futures contracts will have no such obligation because of existing futures reporting.

    • Most participants that trade a notional value of swaps above a certain threshold could be classified as "Swaps Dealers" or "Major Swap Participants", and as a result be subjected to requirements that a participant trading an economically equivalent futures contract would not.

  • Geographic suitability: Many swaps are distinctly, North American, European or Asian in terms of participant locations and physical market references and are therefore more appropriately listed for trading by either ICE Futures Europe or ICE Futures U.S.

Listed Futures Markets

Upon conversion to futures, ICE's cleared swap and option products will be listed on ICE Futures U.S. and ICE Futures Europe as noted below. Non-cleared swaps will continue to be listed and traded via the ICE platform which will register as a swap execution facility (SEF).

ICE Futures U.S.
  • North American Natural Gas
  • North American Power
  • Physical Environmental
ICE Futures Europe
  • Global Crude and Refined Products
  • Freight
  • Iron Ore
  • Natural Gas Liquids

For Questions or Assistance

Please call the ICE Help Desk at +1 770 738 2101 or e-mail us.