Energy Risk Management

Attend this two-day in-depth course and gain comprehensive exposure to energy risk management tools and strategies, macro and micro market fundamentals, margin preservation, key drivers, manufacturing and marketing, and cutting-edge purchasing techniques that drive success in the energy markets.

What You Will Learn
Specific purchasing and risk management objectives will be discussed along with expert hedging strategies and policies. This will allow you to develop specific hedge strategies most suited to meet the objectives of your company. The course will also elaborate on the corporate policies, procedures, board resolutions, FASB 133 requirements, and checks and balances that would meet the most diligent auditor's requirements.

This course is delivered through our training partner The Energy Management Institute (EMI)

Course Information

Price $1995.0
Duration 2 days
Location Houston, TX
Available Dates

Who Should Attend

Natural gas purchasers, analysts, traders, trade support staff, finance and auditing personnel. Entry-level to intermediate professionals from: Wholesale/marketing companies, utilities, jobbers/home heating oil distributors, fuel purchaser, back office, hedgers, marketers, end-users, trucking companies, and government agencies.

Booking Information

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7065 7706

Course Content

  • Learn the unique steps you should take NOW to reduce price exposure, manage risk, and guard against price spikes.
  • Define your price/margin exposure.
  • Quantify hedge base percentage.
  • Review the structure of your supply contracts.
  • Assess the risk profile of your company.
  • Learn how to implement hedge strategy.
  • Establish your Corporate Risk Policy and obtain Board approval.
  • Design your risk management program.
  • Define the hedge objectives of your company.
  • Determine the appropriate hedge strategies for your company.
  • Develop daily marked to market.
  • Monitor and adjust your hedge strategy.