Overview of the LNG Market

A detailed look at the current and future LNG markets to understand the global price drivers and the effect the arrival of the big new export areas of Australia and US may have on the world LNG Market.
This course looks at some of the trading strategies and hedging tactics that can be utilised in this growing market area.

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Duration 2 days
Location London
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Who Should Attend

The course is designed to give an overview of the LNG markets and the evolving trading and marketing business surrounding them. Attendees will come from all areas of the Natural Gas industry who wish to get a better understanding of the current situation and who wish to gain insights how these markets may evolve.

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Course Content


  • Natural Gas in a Global Context:

An introduction to the global gas market looking at where gas comes from and what it is used for and an overview of the markets for natural gas to understand how the global gas market functions.

  • LNG Value Chain:

An overview of the gas value chain including production, liquefaction, shipping and regasification to understand the costs involved in the LNG production and regasification chain.

  • LNG Pricing:

Identifying the key pricing mechanisms for LNG in the key market areas including the Oil Parity Contracts of Asia, Gas to Gas indexation of North West Europe and the indexation to oil products in Southern Europe; giving an understanding of the price drivers in the global marketplace.

  • Practical Considerations of Trading LNG:

A look at the physical constraints and groundwork needed to develop an understanding before embarking on LNG trades to ensure feasibility and smooth execution is possible.


  • Global LNG:

A summary of the current supply and demand situation for LNG on a global scale looking at the key production areas and the key demand areas to understand the market drivers.

  • Trading LNG:

Create an understanding of the different types of LNG contracts for short and long term term trading, market arbitrage and the use of backhaul.

  • LNG Trading and Market Risks:

An overview of LNG market risks and the identification of where price risks occur to identify value in contracts and provide the foundation for risk management techniques.

  • LNG Pricing Risk Management:

Understanding energy trading and risk management in an LNG context with a look at using physical and exchange based hedging techniques, including options, understanding price curves and hedging strategies to use to maintain value in LNG trades.

  • Future for LNG:

A round up of future developments for LNG identifying the growth factors and the threats to the global LNG business to identify where the market may be heading.