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International Coal Trading Programme

This two day course is brought to you through the partnership of ICE Education, Navitas Resources and globalCOAL. The purpose of the programme is to provide a clear overview of the international coal market, its price drivers and how participants are currently using derivative markets to meet their price risk management needs. You will also explore the key linkages with other markets such as freight and emissions.

Course Information

Price £1,600 + VAT
Duration 2 days
Location Singapore
Available Dates

Who Should Attend

This is a fundamental course designed for those who are new to the steam coal industry and those who are seeking a refresher, including:

  • Coal producers and buyers
  • Traders, importers, and exporters
  • End users and consumers of steam coal
  • Financiers, Investors and Analysts involved in the coal sector
  • Shipping and Port sectors
  • Logistics and Procurement Specialists
  • Research and Risk professionals

Booking Information

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7065 7706

Course Content



Introduction to the physical coal market

  • How coal is found and its geology
  • Mining methods and treatment
  • Types of Coal and qualities
  • Main uses of the key types of coal
  • The coal supply chain - from mine to port
  • Thermal coal (steam coal) physical flows, supply and

demand volumes

  • Supply and demand Growth patterns


Trading the physical coal market

  • The commoditisation of thermal coal
  • Pricing benchmarks
  • The main market players
  • Current physical coal trading instruments and trends
  • Standard coal trading agreement (SCoTA) Overview

and role

  • Prospects for product development


The coal derivatives market

  • Main products traded: history, trading volumes
  • Definition and methodology of main indices and


  • Market structure: principals, brokers, exchanges
  • Review of New standard contracts recently launched


Coal derivatives trading examples

  • Practical usage of derivatives for suppliers, end users,


  • Hedging examples arbitrage
  • Regular market Trading strategies review



Price drivers in the thermal coal market

  • Regional analysis of key price drivers
  • Power market and Cost of Carbon co2. - dark spread,

clean dark spread calcs

  • Price forecasting
  • Market Analysis techniques - derivatives pricing


External Risk Factors

  • Key country coal industry regulatory risk factors


  • Political risk factors reviewed
  • Environmental policy risk factors reviewed


Introduction to other commodities directly relevant to

coal trading

  • The physical dry freight market: vessel size, and pricing
  • Main dry commodity flows: iron ore, coking coal, grains
  • The financial freight market: indices and market

structure (principals, brokers, exchanges).

  • Emissions markets. The Kyoto protocol and EUAs.

Prospect for a new Kyoto post 2012


Introduction to coal technologies

  • Clean coal technology
  • UCG. Underground coal gasification
  • CBM. Coal bed methane
  • CCS carbon capture storage linked to power

production and mining activity